Join a Meeting up to 15 Minutes Early

Attendees can now join meetings up to 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

Search Persistent Chat Rooms by Room Name

We made it easier for users to find persistent chat rooms. In the Rooms tab, you can use the search bar to search available rooms by room name.

Accessibility Improvements

This release includes new keyboard shortcuts to aid you in using the JAWS screen reader. For details, see Keyboard Navigation and Shortcuts

XMPP Federated Contacts for Team Messaging Mode

We added support for Team Messaging Mode users to chat with users of other messaging applications that use the XMPP protocol, such as Pidgin.

Remove Participants in Conference Calls

If you're in a conference call, you can now remove other conference participants from the call.

A visual overview of new features in Cisco Jabber 12.8.

A visual overview of new features in Cisco Jabber 12.7.