Applies to these online plans only : Webex Free, Starter, Plus, and Business plans

Webex Meetings provides the highest level of security in the industry based on a simple product development methodology: secure by design, and not as an afterthought.

In light of recent events in the video conferencing industry where malicious actors have been disrupting users’ meetings, we have performed security audits of our customers’ site settings to help prevent such unwanted outcomes.

Your meetings are already protected by passwords that give you the most secure experience for attendees joining using the Webex app on their desktop and mobile devices.

Users who are signed into their Webex account will continue to join their meetings as quickly as before, and external users will be prompted for the meeting password before they can join your meetings.

In addition, starting April 2020, we are taking the following proactive measures to take your meeting security to the next level (no action on your part is needed):

Automatically lock Personal Room after 10 minutes

Impact: All Personal Room meetings.

Automatically locking your Personal Room meetings prevents unwanted people from joining your meetings. If you haven't already enabled it, Webex will now automatically lock your Personal Room 10 minutes after the meeting starts.

When someone tries to join a locked meeting, they'll be asked to wait in your lobby and you'll get a notification. You can decide if you want to admit them into the meeting or let them stay in the lobby.

Enforce Meeting Password When Joining from Phone or Video Conferencing Systems

Impact: Newly scheduled and existing meetings when they are modified after this change.

Users joining your meetings using a telephone or a video conferencing system will now be required to enter a numeric meeting password before being admitted into the meeting. You'll find the numeric meeting password in the email invitation.

The password cannot be disabled and overrides previously disabled password settings.

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