If your webinar requires registration, you can customize the Join page as follows:

  • Select a theme (Dark or Light)

  • Upload a background image

  • Specify a background color for the left panel, as well as for the header and background color

  • Change the color of the webinar title

  • Change the text color for the host's name and agenda

  • Hide the host's name on the webinar landing page

  • Upload images and descriptions for each speaker


From your desktop, sign in to your Webex site, then click Calendar.


Select your webinar. In the Branding section, click Edit.

  • Click Layout to customize your theme, logo, background image, text colors, and buttons.

  • Click Content to show or hide the host, the speaker, or the agenda.


To see what your page looks like in Desktop or Mobile, click or .


Click Save.

If your webinar has practice sessions, you can also add an image, such as the agenda or QR code for Slido polling; a text message, such as a welcome; and music for attendees to listen to while the practice session is going on. For more information, see Upload an image, message, and music for your practice session in Webex Webinars.