Play and pause music

You can play and pause music using the touchpad on either ear cup.


Music playback automatically pauses when you have an incoming call and resumes after the call ends.

tap the side of either ear cup

Double-tap the touchpad on either ear cup to play or pause music.

Skip an audio track

Use the touchpads on both ear cups to skip audio forwards and backwards.


Tripple-tap the right cup to skip forward.


Tripple-tap the left ear cup to skip back.

Adjust your volume

You can find the volume slider on the back of the right ear cup.

the volume slider is located on the right ear cup

Swipe up or down with your finger along the volume slider to adjust the volume.

Adjust active noise cancellation and transparency mode

The Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 lets you balance the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Transparency Mode right from your headset. Noise cancellation lets you tune your surroundings and focus on your work, calls, music, or just enjoy the silence. Transparency mode lets you hear the world around you without taking off your headset.


On active calls, Transparency Mode changes to Own Voice. Own Voice technology filters out background noises to give you a clear representation of how you sound on a call.

You can also adjust ANC and Transparency Mode through the Bang & Olufsen app. With the Bang & Olufsen app, you can choose to automatically adjust the ANC level according to the noise in your environment.

the ANC slider is located on the left ear cup

Swipe up or down with your finger along the left slider to adjust your noise cancellation or transparency levels.

You can swipe up to increase Transparency Mode level and swipe down to increase ANC level.

Activate your mobile voice assistant

You can easily trigger your mobile voice assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant through your headset.

Press and hold the Mute button on the left ear cup.