Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980

The B&O Cisco 980 comes with the Cisco Headset USB HD Adapter for use with devices that don't offer a reliable Bluetooth solution. The headset can also connect to devices via the included USB cable. The USB cable also acts as a charging cable and can connect to any powered USB adapter.

In addition to elite sound and call quality, the B&O Cisco 980 also features seamless integration with the Webex App, Cisco Jabber, and the Webex Desk Pro.

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Use the following checklist for the best set up experience:

  • Make sure your headset is charged.

  • Turn on your B&O Cisco 980 on and off.

  • Connect your headset through any of the following methods:

    Table 1. B&O Cisco 980 connection options




    Your Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 can save up to eight different Bluetooth devices and maintain simultaneous connections with up to two devices at once.

    Cisco Headset USB HD Adapter

    The Cisco Headset USB HD Adapter allows for an easy plug-and-play, wireless experience. You can also use the adapter with devices that don't have a reliable Bluetooth option.

    USB cable

    Use the included USB cable for a wired audio connection. You can also charge your headset while it's in use.

    3.5 mm cable

    You can use the included 3.5 mm audio cable to connect to a non-wireless device or if your headset battery is low.


    You can't control music playback or answer calls through the 3.5 mm cable.

  • Download and install the Bang & Olufsen mobile app.

Use the following table for a quick look at the Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 controls.

Table 2. Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 controls



Play and pause music

Double-tap either ear cup

Answer a call

Double-tap either ear cup

Mute microphone

Press the Mute button on the left ear cup

Volume up

Swipe up on the right slider

Volume down

Swipe down on the right slider

Active noise cancellation

Swipe down on the left slider

Transparency mode

Swipe up on the left slider

LED indicators

The B&O Cisco 980 has two LEDs on the right ear cup. One LED shows the headset status, and other shows the battery strength.

Status indicator

The status LED is situated between the right slider and the Power button.

  • Solid white—Headset on
  • No light—Headset off
  • Solid Blue (5 seconds)—Bluetooth connected/disconnected
  • Flashing Blue—Bluetooth pairing mode
  • Solid Red (5 seconds)—Bluetooth pairing failed
  • Solid Red—Microphone muted
  • Flashing Red—Factory reset
  • Flashing Green—Software update

Battery indicator (cable is connected)

The battery indicator is located next to the USB-C port.

  • Solid green—Headset is fully charged
  • Flashing orange—Headset is charging
  • Flashing red—Charging error

Battery indicator (cable is disconnected)

  • Solid red—Low battery (10%-2% remaining)
  • Flashing red—Very low battery (less than 1% remaining)