The Contacts section is available in the User Hub only if you or your organization had previously provisioned contacts data in the Calling User Portal.

Contacts added in the User Hub don't appear in the Webex App, and similarly, the Webex App contacts don't show up in the User Hub.

Sign in to User Hub, then click Settings > Calling > Contacts.


Perform the following actions:

  • To add a contact with a speed dial code, click Speed dial contacts > Add contact. Then, enter the name and phone number of the contact, and choose a speed dial from the drop-down list.

    You can set up to 100 (00-99) speed dial codes for your frequently called numbers. The speed dials you create here don’t sync with the speed dials you create on your IP desk phone, but they can be dialed from your desk phone.
  • To add a contact without a speed dial code, click Non-speed dial contacts > Add contact, and then enter the name and phone number of the contact.

Click Add.

What to do next

To place a call to a speed dial contact, dial #, followed by the speed dial code, then #. This can be done from your desk phone or Webex App.