You can set a personalized image as a call background to one or several Desk devices, and you have the option to upload a maximum of three different custom virtual backgrounds.

Supported file formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG. Animated GIFs aren’t supported. Maximum file size: 4MB.

Users can choose from a range of default virtual backgrounds directly from the user interface. Read Virtual backgrounds on Desk Series for more details.

Users can also upload their own virtual background images to devices they have setup in personal mode. Read Upload custom virtual backgrounds to personal mode Desk series for more information.


From the customer view in, go to Devices and select your device. Go to Support and click on Local Device Controls.

If you have an admin or integrator user setup, you can sign into the devices local web interface on your browser from http(s)://<endpoint ip or hostname>.


Go to Customization > Personalization, and open the Virtual Backgrounds tab.


Drag and drop, or browse and upload your image file.

If you want to replace one of the images, click Replace and browse and select a new image file from your file system.

To delete a background image, click Delete . This fully removes the video background from the device. You have to upload it again if you want to use it again.