Configure your Cisco Headset 730

The Cisco Headset 730 is ready to use right out of the box. Use following steps help to streamline your experience and get you set up with your new headset.

Charge your headset.

See Charge Your Headset with the USB-C Cable for more information.


Connect your headset to a Bluetooth® device.


(Optional) Download and install the Cisco Headsets app on your mobile device.

The Cisco Headsets mobile app lets you update, control, and customize your headset from any iPhone or Android mobile device.


You may need to put your headset into pairing mode to connect to the Cisco Headsets app for the first time.


Upgrade your headset to the latest available firmware.

See Upgrade Your Cisco Headset 730 Firmware for more information on how to download and install new headset firmware. Refer to the following release notes for information about each firmware release.