Home is currently only available for free users.

Click Let's go in the Home screen banner and choose from the following, to quickly set up the app:

  • Test your meeting setup

  • Edit your profile

  • Choose an app theme

  • Set your notifications

  • Download the mobile app

As you spend time working in the app, you'll see more content here.

Now that you've set your preferences the way you like, you're on your way to working in Webex App.

Here's everything you need to know to get started and learn the basics.


Go to Home in the navigation column, then choose from:


Go to Upcoming meetings to connect your calendar. You can then manage your meetings directly in the app. When your calendar is populated, you'll see a list of your upcoming meetings.

  • Select a meeting and click View invitees to see information such as the meeting link, description, and who's invited.
  • Click Go to calendar to find the meeting in your scheduled meetings list. You can then choose to: