Meetings in your calendar that have video addresses will automatically appear in your meetings list, even if they're not a Webex standard meeting, Personal Room meeting, or Webex App meeting that is associated with a space. You'll also see a meeting notification and a Join button in your meetings and messages list for these meetings 5 minutes before they're scheduled to start. You don't have to do anything—your meetings with video addresses will automatically appear in your meetings list under the following conditions:

  • You have Webex App for Windows or Mac.

  • You have the Hybrid Calendar.

  • You're using Microsoft Outlook Exchange, Microsoft Outlook 365, or G Suite for Google Calendar.

  • The video address is in the body of the meeting. (For Google Calendar, the address can be in the body or in the conference data for that meeting.)

  • The video address in one of the supported formats shown in the following list:

    Supported Video Address Formats

           <a href="">dial meeting</a> 
           <a href=""><b>dial conference</b></a> 

    Unsupported Video Address Formats