Click Voicemail. Then, beside the Search bar, click Record Voice Message.

The Record Voice Message window opens.


(Optional) Enter a subject for your message.


Use the Search field to enter a user to receive your message. You can enter multiple recipients.


Click the Recording button.

A countdown timer appears in the top of the window. When the timer reaches 0:00, a beep sounds and the recording begins.

Record your message and click Stop when you are finished.


Click Send to send the voice message to your recipient(s).

Your voice message arrives in the recipient's Cisco Jabber voicemail and can be treated like a phone voice message, with one notable exception. Because a voice message that is recorded in this manner can be sent to multiple recipients, any of those recipients can click Reply All. This opens a new recording window, so that a new voice message can be recorded and sent to the recipient list.