Syncing your stage view with everyone

When you use stack or side by side view, the active speaker or shared content appears in a customizable area, called the stage. As the host or cohost, you can sync your stage with everyone else in the meeting, webinar, or event. When you sync your stage, what's in your stage appears for everyone else in the meeting and an indicator appears, letting you know that you're syncing. To learn more about the stage, see Video layouts in Webex Meetings, Webex Webinars, and Webex Events (classic).

Attendees can add or remove more people from their stage while you're syncing, but they can't remove any content or participants that you're syncing. To prevent attendees from changing their view or customizing their stage so they only see what's on your stage, lock the attendee view. Locking the attendee view also hides the video thumbnails of participants. If you add or remove people to the stage, update it so everyone in the meeting sees your changes. If you're using the Meetings desktop or web app, participants can also see when you resize the stage when you update it.


Your synced stage doesn't appear for participants who join using a video device, or from a live stream.

If you sync your stage with everyone, the first person that you add to the stage appears in meeting, webinar, or event recordings instead of the active speaker. If you want to record the active speaker instead of the first person on the stage, contact support.

For more information about the known issues and limitations of syncing your stage, see the known issues and limitations for video layouts.


Click Layout > Sync my stage for everyone.


Click Sync.


If you want to limit the attendee view to just the stage, select Lock attendee view on stage only before you sync or from the Layout menu after you start syncing.


Add or remove people from the stage or resize the stage, then click Update to show your changes to everyone.


Lock the attendee view on the stage to show your resized stage to everyone.


To stop syncing your stage, click Stop in the syncing indicator.


Tap Layout and toggle on Sync My Stage for everyone.


Select one of the following options:

  • Sync Stage Only—Syncs your stage, but attendees can still move other participants to their stage.
  • Sync and Lock Attendee View—Syncs your stage and prevents participants from making any changes to their stage.

To stop syncing your stage, tap Layout and then toggle off Sync My Stage for Everyone.

You can sync the video of a specific participant if you started your meeting, webinar, or event from an iPhone or Android phone. Participants who joined from the desktop app, web app, or using an iPad or Android tablet see the synced video on their stage. Participants who join from an iPhone or Android phone see the synced video pinned in their current view.


Tap the video of the participant that you want to sync, and then tap Sync Video for Everyone.


Tap Lock.


To stop syncing, tap the synced participant video, and then tap Unsync Video for Everyone or Stop syncing video for everyone.


When you stop syncing, everyone view stays in the most recent configuration.