The join button appears 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. At the scheduled start time, the label changes to inform you that the meeting is starting now. When someone else joins the meeting, the countdown appears on the button and you can see how many people have already joined.

  • The join button appears before the scheduled start time only if you're using the Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service and Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, or G Suite for Google Calendar.

  • The join button doesn't appear before the start time for meetings associated with spaces of more than 200 people.

  • If you're joining a Webex and TelePresence meeting (CMR Hybrid meeting) or a Webex event, Webex training session, or Webex support session, when you click on the join button the Webex Meetings app opens.


Go to Spaces and click the green button beside the space or meeting name.


Select Device Options and then choose one of the following:

  • My Computer—To connect using your computer audio and video. This option is selected automatically, unless you're connected to a device.
  • Choose a device for audio and video from the Recent Devices list or select Search for a device to search for and select a nearby device to use for audio and video.

    When the PIN displays on the device, just enter it in the Webex Teams app and click OK.


    The PIN remains valid for 5 minutes after it first displays. So, if you make a successful connection, you won't be asked for the PIN in any additional attempts within that 5-minute period.


If you selected My Computer, click to choose the audio and video options you want to use:

  • Use computer for audio—Connect using the audio on your computer.
  • Use phone for audio—Call into the meeting or have the meeting call you using a phone.
  • Don't connect audio—Use if you don't want or need others to hear you when you join the meeting. For example, maybe you're joining a meeting in a conference room with other people and not everyone needs to share their audio.
  • Send and receive video—Use if you want to see other people in the meeting, and you also want to share your video too.
  • No video—Select this option if you don't want others to see you when you join the meeting. Keep in mind that you won't be able to see anyone else's video either.

Click Join Meeting.