Single number reach setup is different depending on the phone service you have. If you're not sure, there's an easy way to tell.

Go to Phone and forwarding settings and turn on Single Number Reach.

After you've turned on single number reach and don't have call forwarding turned on, you'll see now instead of and when you hover over the icon, you'll see Single Number Reach is enabled.


If you don't see the Single Number Reach setting, you might need to turn it on first in the Self Care portal. You might be familiar using the Self Care portal to set up options for your phone. Webex uses those settings and lets you add to them from the app as a convenience.

Go to Phone and forwarding settings, select Open Call Preferences, and click Self Care Portal to open the portal in a web browser. Then select My Phones and follow the instructions to add another phone with a number that you want to ring when you receive work calls.


Go to and select Open Call Preferences.


Go to the Single Number Reach tab and select + Add number.


Add a number (without the country code) and description and then select Save.

If you include your country code, calls may not work. So, be sure to just include your area code and number.


You can then check or uncheck numbers directly in the Single Number Reach popout.

Tap your profile picture, go to Calls, and then turn on Single Number Reach beside the numbers of your choice.

You can add more numbers from your desktop app.


These are the same numbers you can use for Call Back, a feature only available to you if you're set up with Webex Calling or Calling hosted by a Service Provider.