The Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 is a premium over-ear headset that delivers superior design, outstanding audio, and leading business communications. Click the following link to learn how to use your new headset.

Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 Quick Start Guide

As this headset is currently in Beta testing, headset administration features through Control Hub and Cisco Unified Communications Manager aren't currently available.

Use the following table to see which devices currently support the 980 calling features.

Table 1. Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 Feature Availability

Device or Application

Mute sync

Answer call

Webex Desk Pro (Bluetooth®)



Webex Desk Pro (USB adapter)



Webex Desk Pro (USB cable)



Webex App (Bluetooth®)



Webex App (USB adapter)



Webex App (USB cable)



Webex Mobile App



Mobile phone (Android/iOS)



Other third party calling apps



*—Open bug: users may experience intermittent call controls on the Webex App over Bluetooth.

Release notes for Beta firmware 3.x.66

This firmware release requires a factory reset after upgrading. Hold the Power button on the right ear cup for 8 seconds until the LED flashes red. You can also initiate a factory reset through the Bang & Olufsen mobile app.

New audio notifications

We've added audio prompts for the following scenarios:

  • You maximize or minimize your headset volume

  • You connect or disconnect from a Webex Desk Device

  • You have an incoming call

Call controls with the Webex App and Webex Desk Devices.

We've improved the call control experience in the Webex App and in Webex Desk Devices.

Minor bug fixes

Bug fixes in this release include more accurate battery level reporting, improved support for the USB adapter, and occasional audio playback crashes when more than one device is connected. We have also fixed an issue that was causing headsets to unnecessarily reboot.

Release notes for Beta firmware 3.x.41

Expanded call control compatibility

You can now answer and mute calls through your headset on the Webex app and Webex Desk Pro.

Call control is also available through the Cisco Headset USB HD Adapter.

Enhanced Bluetooth® capabilities

You can now connect and pair to multiple Bluetooth® devices at the same time. The Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 can remember up to eight devices and stay paired to two at the same time.

Multi-app control

You can retain call control features when there is more than one open calling client on your Windows or Mac desktop. Instead of broadcasting a button press to all open applications, headset controls only impact one calling application at a time.

Multi-app control is only available with Webex (version 42.1 or later) and Cisco Jabber (version 14.1 or later) over Bluetooth or with the USB cable.

Improved microphone audio

We've improved the headset microphone performance during calls.

Release notes for Beta firmware 3.x.28

Simplified user controls

We've simplified the calling and audio playback controls you can perform through the touchpads on the headset ear cups. This helps to improve the control reliability when you interact with the headset.

You can answer calls and play/pause music playback through your headset touchpads. Reference the updated Quick Start Guide for guidance on the controls.