You can view and generate the following reports:

  • Webinar summary report—A list of webinars that you hosted from a specified date range. This list includes the webinar topic, ID, type, host name, host email, number of registered attendees and attendees in the webinar, number of absent attendees, date and time of the webinar, and the webinar duration.

  • Attendee history report—A list of webinars an attendee joined on your site.

  • Report download history—A download history of reports generated for your webinars.

  • Q&A, chat, and polling report for webinars—Report for Q&A, chat, and polling activity for completed webinars. If Q&A or polling is done using Slido, hosts can find that information in Slido's report.

    This report is only available for recorded webinars.


Sign in to your Webex site, then click Calendar > Completed.


Select your webinar.


Select the type of report you want — Recording, Registration (if registration was required), Attendance, or Activity.

  • Within the Activity report, there are separate reports for Chat, Q&A, and polling.

Click Download report.