As soon as you share your screen, it is automatically visible for the other call participants. They can annotate your screen share from their device or from the Webex app. When another participant chooses to share their screen, that content opens on your device, and you also get the possibility to annotate it.


Share your laptop or mobile phone screen on the board. Read this article to learn how to do it wirelessly and this article with an HDMI cable.


Tap on the bottom left corner of the board's screen to start annotating. If it is not visible, tap the screen once. Opening the drawing function may take a couple of seconds.


When you're done, tap Done . Tap to get back working on your annotations or tap Stop sharing to stop sharing your presentation.


When your call is over, Save your work appears on the home screen. Tap on it to save your annotations to a Webex space.

You can follow the same steps when you have a space open on your board and are in a call in that space.