Før du begynder

Partners must submit a Webex Migration to SAAS Annuity request to the Cisco Transfer Review team before you can transfer a Webex site to SAAS Annuity. Requests are ideally submitted 30 days before the start of the planned migration.


Check the box if you have a transfer code to transfer an existing Webex site. Enter the Transfer Code that you received from the Cisco Transfer Review team, add the site name, and click Next.

If there is more than one site to transfer, you only must add one and the rest are automatically included.


Gennemgå listen over websteder, tilføj nye websteder med tidszoner, hvis det er nødvendigt, og klik på Næste.


Fordel alle licenserne til webstederne i organisationen, og klik på Næste.

Alle licenserne skal være fordelt, før der trykkes på knappen Næste. The system doesn't detect the services that are already assigned in the sites you're transferring. Confirm that the services that are shown match the current services. If anything seems off, contact your Cisco account representative or Cisco support.


Confirm the information to set up the Webex sites and click Next.