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How Do I Tell What Cluster My Site Is On?

How do I tell what cluster my site is on?

What cluster is my site on?

How can I find out what cluster my Webex site is on?

How can I tell what telephony pool a site is on?



To find out the cluster for your Webex site:

  1. In the Run or Search bar, type in cmd, and press Enter.

    The DOS command prompt window appears.
  2. On the command line, type ping followed by your Webex site address (e.g. ping mysite.Webex.com), and press Enter.

The ping command will run, and the site cluster information will appear:

User-added image

In this example, the site is running on cluster IE.

See the following article: WBX9000033417 - List of Cisco Webex Meetings Cluster and Data Center Location


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