You can join Zoom meetings from your Board, Desk, and Room Series device by enabling it in Control Hub. This is set up by your system administrators and depends on the type of device you have. Once this is configured, you can simply enter the meeting number and the passcode without having to build the SIP URI, giving a better meeting join experience.

Join with One Button to Push

One Button to Push is available on devices where the hybrid calendar is enabled. When users schedule Zoom meetings and include Webex devices, a join button appears on the device right before the meeting begins. Simply tap Join to enter the meeting.

Join by dialing into the meeting

You need the code provided in your calendar invite or at the end of the meeting link in order to join a Zoom Meeting with your Webex device. Once you have the code you can join by selecting the Zoom button on your device.

After tapping next, select if you are the meeting host or not. If you are the host, enter the host passcode.

In meeting controls

All call controls and features available in Zoom meetings can now be accessed in the meeting when a Touch Controller is connected to your device, as shown below.

On Board and Desk series, the call controls are the same as for regular calls.


The host options button is always visible. However, the commands will not work if you are not the host.

If mute on join is configured in the Zoom meeting, you have to mute and unmute for the device to match up this Zoom setting.