Request Webex LTI Legacy installation credentials

Use the following steps to install Webex LTI Legacy in Sakai 12.x and later.

Before you begin

You need to be a Sakai Administrator and Webex site administrator to complete the installation.

If you are an existing Webex customer with a current Webex LTI Legacy registration, please open a support case with Cisco TAC for assistance in generating installation credentials.

  • If you are a new Webex customer and have not yet set up Webex LTI Legacy, please contact your sales or customer success representative.


To learn more, visit What's new in Webex LTI.

Configure Your Sakai Site


Sign in to Sakai as an administrator.


Go to Worksite Setup and select the name of the class that you want to install Webex LTI Legacy into.


Go to Site Info > Manage Tools and check External Tool.


Select Continue.


For Customize tool instances, enter a descriptive title for Webex LTI Legacy. For example, Webex.


Select Continue > Finish.


In the left navigation panel, select Webex > Edit and enter the following information:

  • Remote Tool URL—Enter the LTI Launch URL you've been provided.

  • Remote Tool Key—Enter the Consumer Key you've been provided.

  • Remote Tool Secret—Enter the Shared Secret you've been provided.

  • Set Button Text—Enter a name that will appear in the navigation.

  • Releasing Roster Information—Check the following options:

    • Send Names to External Tool

    • Send Email Addresses to External Tool

    • Allow the External Tool to retrieve the course roster


Select Update Options.

A page opens where you can set up and use Webex LTI Legacy.

Go to the Setup tab, select Authorize, and then follow the authorization steps.