What is the Webex API?

What is the Webex API?

What is a Webex Bot?

What is the support process for Webex Bots?

What is the support process for the Webex API?

How do I escalate Webex API issues?

The Cisco Webex APIs (Webex, Meetings, Devices, Calling) allow third party developers to develop applications that can interact with the aforementioned Webex services.

The Webex APIs are supported by the Webex Developer Support Team.  If a third party developer is looking for documentation, support process, or any further questions on the Webex APIs or Webex Bots visit:  https://developer.webex.com

The Cisco AppHub allows developers to promote their Integrations and bots to all Webex users. For more information on the AppHub, see:  https://apphub.webex.com

Webex Bots are the way to create machine accounts that can automate routine tasks and inject contextual content into meetings and group conversations. For more information on bots, see:  https://developer.webex.com/docs/bots

Webex Integrations are the way to create applications that act on behalf of a user – i.e. if you want to view all spaces a specific individual is a member of, they would authorize your integration to access their data. For more information on integrations, see:  https://developers.webex.com/docs/integrations

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