What is the Temporary File Solution (TFS)?

What is the Temporary File Solution (TFS)?

What operating systems support TFS?

What versions of Microsoft Windows support Temporary File Solution?


General Information

  • Temporary File Solution (TFS) is designed to allow hosts & meeting attendees in a locked-down Windows environment to join Webex meetings without administrator rights on the PC.
  • TFS does not install the Webex Document Loader and therefore you cannot share files. (Only the Share Screen or Share Application options are available)
  • TFS can be utilized when extensions/ActiveX controls are not available or not working in a browser.
  • If TFS is set as the primary download method in Cisco Webex Meetings Site Administration:
    • The Chrome and Firefox extensions are not used.
  • Webex files downloaded via TFS cannot be viewed in Windows Explorer. You must open a command prompt window and go to the directory to view the files.
  • The TFS executable file (an .EXE file) will decompress several files including the download engine to the Temporary Internet Files directory. From here, the uncompressed download engine downloads the client files needed to launch the meeting.
  • If you choose to save the TFS executable file instead of running it automatically, it must be used within 15 minutes to ensure a successful join process.
  • The TFS executable file name will appear in the following format: _webex.exe.

    The number of characters in the file name is for security encryption purposes. The executable filename changes each time it's downloaded.
For help, see: Webex Meetings Suite System Requirements

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