My Browser Hangs when Connecting to the Session

Use this article if your browser hangs while starting or joining a Webex session.

My browser hangs when connecting to the session.

My browser hangs at the 'One moment please...' page when starting or joining a meeting.

I can't get past the Meeting In Progress page when starting a meeting.

I get stuck at the Meeting In Progress page when trying to join a meeting.


Some IT departments may restrict an employee's ability to change browser security settings. If the settings buttons are grayed out in your internet options, contact your IT department for assistance with changing security settings.


To troubleshoot this issue (Test joining after performing each step):

  1. Clear cache and cookies:
  2. Run the Manual Installer (Requires admin rights)
  3. Use the Temporary File Solution (TFS) Installer (No admin rights needed)
  4. Ensure that your network is configured to allow Webex traffic:
  5. Disable any active popup blockers:
If the issue persists after performing the steps in this article, contact technical support. For help, see: WBX162 - How Do I Contact Webex Customer Services or Technical Support?

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