How Do I Invite Attendees by Importing a .CSV File?

Invite Attendees by Importing a .CSV File

How many people can I invite via a spreadsheet in Webex Events (Classic)?

How do I import a .CSV file to invite attendees to my event?



  • Importing a .CSV to invite attendees is only supported for Webex Events.
  • Invitees can not be added to My Contacts when using this feature.
  • The maximum number of invitations that can be delivered for an event is 10,000 and the maximum number of actual participants, including the host and panelists, is 3,000 depending on your subscription.

A .CSV file to invite attendees should be setup using the format below:

User-added image

Note: The UUID column must be present, but the values should be left blank. In the example image above "UUID" should remain in Cell 2A, but there should not be any other anything else added to that column. 

Important If UUID is removed from cell 2A in the example above you will get the following message:

User-added image

If you do see the message above, edit the CSV file and add CCID to cell 2A.

The below fields are mandatory to import a contact list:

  • Contacts in column A, row 1
  • UUID in column A, row 2
  • Name in column B, row 2
  • Email in column C, row 2

All other fields including Language are optional. Do not enter information into the UUID column.

To invite attendees to an event by importing a .CSV:

  1. Schedule an event.
  2. In the section Attendees & Registration, click Create invitation list or Edit invitation list.

    The Create Invitation List or Edit Invitation List popup will appear.
  3. Click the Import Contacts button.

    The Import Contacts from File popup will appear.

Note: To get a .CSV template file, click the go here link, then choose to Open the .CSV file.
  1. Enter a name for your contact distribution list into the field Enter a name for the distribution list.
  2. Click the Browse... button to browse to the desired .CSV file to import.
  3. For Delimiter, select Comma.
  4. Click Import.

    The contact list import process will run.
Note: If you get the message, "You cannot import the file because it contains no contact" see Important Note towards the top of the article.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Schedule This Event button.

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