How Do I Edit a Scheduled Meeting?

You can make changes to meetings that you have already scheduled.

How do I edit a scheduled meeting?

How do I make changes to a previously scheduled meeting on the website?

How do I change a meeting password?

How do I change the scheduled meeting date?

How do I edit the start time of the meeting?

To edit a meeting scheduled on the website:

  1. Sign in to your Webex site. (Example:
  2. Select Meetings tab.
  3. Click on the topic link of the meeting you would like to modify.
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  1. Select Edit.
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  1. Make the desired changes to the meeting.
    • Note: If adding additional attendees to the meeting, append new attendees to the existing list; removing the original attendees from the list may cause them to receive meeting canceled notices.
  2. Select Save.


  • A meeting cannot be edited if it is currently in progress.
  • An updated meeting invitation is sent out to all the invitees after the changes are saved.
  • The steps in this article apply to meetings scheduled on the website.

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