What Happens if the Host's PC Crashes or they are Disconnected in a Webex Session?

What happens if the host's PC crashes or they are disconnected in a Webex session?

Who gets presenter or host rights if the host's PC crashes?

Who is made the presenter if the host's computer freezes?

Another participant is made presenter when the host's PC crashed.

Another participant was made the host when the host's PC locked up.


  • Previously loaded presentations and documents will remain in the meeting if the host's PC crashes.
  • A host can reclaim the host and presenter role by logging into their Webex account and then rejoining the meeting.


If the host:

  • Is the presenter when their PC fails.
  • Is not the presenter when their PC fails. The presenter role remains with the current presenter.
  • Disconnects from a Personal Room meeting on a site with Cisco Webex Video Platform.
The host rights are passed in the following order:
  • Alternative host > presenter who is logged in > attendee who is logged in > Non-authenticated presenter > Non-authenticated attendee > User dialed in from a video device

This does not apply if the host is joined into the meeting from a video endpoint. If the host is connected using a video endpoint, the Personal Room meeting will end if the host is disconnected.

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