How Do I Retrieve the Chat Logs from a Network-Based Recording?

How do I retrieve the chat logs from a Network-Based Recording?

If chat logs was not saved, can chat be pulled from a Network Based Recording (NBR) file?

How can I view the chat from my meeting if I can't find the chat logs?

Note: This article only applies to Network Recordings in the .ARF format. In .MP4 recordings you can only view the chat and export chat logs are not an option.


First try to find the Chats Logs on your computer's hard drive. see: WBX57714 - Where do the Chats within a Meeting get Saved on the Hard Drive?
If you are unable to locate the chat logs, you may be able to recover the chat from the Network Based Recording (NBR) if the meeting was recorded.

To retrieve the Chat Logs from your NBR file in .ARF format:

  1. Open the Network Based Recording with all panels.
  2. Expand Chat Panel.
  3. Select All (Ctrl+A) the text message and Copy (Ctrl+C)
  4. Open Notepad and Paste (Ctrl+V) the Chat Logs.

Note: You may need to edit your recording settings to enable the chat panel for your recording.

To view the Chat from your .WP4 file format:

  1. Open the .MP4 recording.
  2. Expand Chat Panel to view the chat. 

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