Meeting Number Size Increase

Meeting Number Size Increase

Meeting number size increase from nine digits to ten

What's the impact of my existing meetings?

Does this apply to Personal Rooms (PR)?

Increase the Meeting Number Size to 11 Digits

With a tremendous increase in meeting traffic, Cisco Webex is quickly running short of meeting numbers. To address this challenge, Webex Meetings, Webex Events (Classic and New), Webex Training, and Webex Support sessions meeting numbers will be increased to 11-digits.

We will ensure that desktop apps, mobile apps, web app, video devices, our APIs, and our out-of-the-box integrations with Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and others are fully compatible with the meeting number increase. If you're using Webex APIs with your applications, we request that you test and ensure your applications are working with this change.

Note: This change will apply only to newly scheduled meetings. The meeting number size increase doesn't affect existing meetings and Personal Room meetings.  This change to 11-digit meeting numbers is scheduled to begin in July 2021. You can find the date for your site based on its cluster at  This feature will be available on an independent release cycle. Check to see when it will be available on your site.

Will the meeting number size increases impact my existing Meetings and Personal Rooms?
  • The meeting number size increase doesn't affect existing meetings and PR.
When will we begin generating eleven-digit meeting numbers?
  • July, 2021
If your app uses Webex APIs, be sure to test it and be prepared for the meeting size change.

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