Webex Assistant is available in Meetings and Webex Webinars (not available for webinars in webcast view).

Beginning with the 41.5 update, Webex Webinars supports Webex Assistant.

In addition to Meetings and Webinars, with the 41.7 update, Webex Assistant is also available for the Webex App. Meetings started or joined from a space don't support Webex Assistant.

Webex for Government doesn't support Webex Assistant.

This feature requires Cisco Webex video platform version 2.0 with joining meetings from video systems enabled. To find out which version you’re using, see Find your Webex Meetings version number.

Hosts can turn on or turn off the Webex Assistant during the meeting or webinar. To automatically turn on the Webex Assistant whenever you start a meeting or webinar, see Set your Webex Meetings scheduling preferences.


If you're the host and the content is ready to view, you'll receive an email that says, "Your Webex meeting or webinar content is available." Select View meeting content in the email.

Your meeting content is available email

If the host shared the meeting or event content with you, the email says, "<Host name> shared Webex meeting content with you."

The Meeting content page on your Webex site opens.

Meeting content page

If meeting or webinar highlights were captured during the meeting or webinar, you can access them from the Highlights tab. If the meeting or webinar was recorded, you can access the meeting or webinar transcript and recording from the Transcript and Recording tabs, respectively.

If you want to find out more about someone who participated in the meeting or event, select their profile picture in the list of participants to see their People Insights profile.

You can also navigate to the meeting or webinar content directly from your Webex site after it's available. Go to Calendar in the left navigation bar and select the Completed tab.

Past tab

Locate and select the meeting or webinar.

If you don't see the meeting or webinar in the list, the host hasn't shared the meeting or webinar content with you.

If you're the host and the content is ready to view, you'll receive an email that says, "Your Webex meeting content is available." You can view your meeting or webinar content from your Webex site and your mobile app.


Swipe left on the mobile app home page and tap the Completed tab.


Tap the meeting or webinar to view the meeting or webinar Info, Highlights, Transcript, and Recording.