Instant meetings are enabled by default, but administrators can disable device hosted meetings for all shared devices in a workspace. Read here for more information.

You can start a Webex meeting on any shared Board Pro Series, Desk Series, or Room Device and invite participants inside or outside your organization, simply by sharing the meeting link. It is also possible to add participants from the organisation's directory.

Most features are available in the meeting: whiteboard, reactions, wireless screenshare, live closed captioning, and layouts. Transcription and recording is not yet available.

Instant meeting is available for cloud and cloud-aware (with Webex optimized experience enabled).


Tap on the Webex icon on the home screen.


Select Start a new meeting.


Tap Share meeting link.


On a Room Navigator, the QR code is displayed on the screen and on the display. Anyone can scan the QR code and share the meeting link.