On your board, you can choose to use either a wired or wireless network connection after you are done setting up the device. To use Wi-Fi, you must first disconnect the Ethernet cable.

You can use Wi-Fi if your network uses one of the following authentications:

  • Open


  • WPA2-PSK (AES)





You can connect to hidden networks by tapping the gear icon. You can then set up the Wi-Fi manually.

  • The wireless network must show at least three bars on the board for the connection to be sufficiently stable.

  • You can't join networks that require sign-in through a landing page.

  • The board only remembers one network at a time. If you change between different networks, you have to type in the passphrase again.

Before you begin

Ensure you have the latest RoomOS version, which can be updated by connecting your device to the internet. This ensures that you can choose to use Wi-Fi.


Disconnect the Ethernet cable.


Open the settings menu by tapping the board name on the top of the screen and tap Settings . When RoomOS 11 experience is enabled, slide right on the home screen, and choose Device settings . Tap Network connection and Wi-Fi .


Select the Wi-Fi that you want to connect to. If the network requires authentication, choose the network authentication method and enter the username and the passphrase.