The first time that you download an ARF recording from your Webex site, you are prompted to download and install the Webex Recording Converter to play the recording. However, if you've received a link to a Webex recording, you can select the link to stream and view the recording without downloading the Webex Recording Converter. If you don't have a converter yet, you can use the below steps to download it from your Webex site.

Before you begin

Only accounts with host permissions can download the Webex Recording Converter.


Sign in to your Webex site.

For example:


Select either the Webex Training or Webex Events from the left navigation bar.


Go to Support > Downloads.


Select Recorder and Players > Recording and Playback.


Under Webex Recording Converter click Download.


Run the download file.


Follow the instructions in the wizard to install the Webex Recording Converter.