Hosts and Participants

You can enter a short video address when you join a meeting, webinar or event from a video system.

Enter < meeting_number >

Instead of the current video address format: < meeting_number>@< site_name>

When you schedule or get invited to a new meeting, you'll see the shorter video address in the meeting invitation.

We know that you have existing meeting invitations that include the Webex site name in the video address. This format will continue to work so you don't need to change anything.

We've also standardized the video address for Personal Room meetings. The new format for Personal Room meetings is <Personal_Room_ID>. <site_name> Video addresses in the current format, <Personal_Room_ID>@<site_name>, continue to be available for calling in. The new format will be included in new meeting invitations.

Room Systems

Room systems will continue to work with existing meetings. Tapping the Join Webex or Join Meeting sends the dial-in digits from either the old or new format.

Skype for Business

The existing join method for Skype for Business < meeting_number>.lync@ <site_name> will continue to work as well as the new format, < meeting_number>

Webex Administrators

To use the new video address format, you need to change your Webex Meetings deployment. See Short Video Address Format in the Webex Meetings enterprise deployment guide for video device-enabled meetings.