Use ANI/CLI Authentication for Audio Connection in Cisco Webex Meetings and Events

You can change the number that is used to call into Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events.

What is ANI/CLI Authentication?

CLI (caller line identification), or ANI (automatic number identification), is a form of caller ID.

Here's how it works:

  1. The phone number that you call into meetings with is added to your Cisco Webex site preferences.

  2. You call into the audio portion of the meeting.

  3. The system verifies the number that you called in against the number added to your Webex site preferences.

  4. You are directed to the correct meeting without entering a meeting number.

If you have a host account and your site is enabled for ANI/CLI, then you can:

  • schedule a meeting with dial-in ANI/CLI teleconferencing authentication.

  • specify a phone number to be authenticated when you call in to any ANI/CLI enabled audio conference. However, you will be authenticated only if you were invited by email during the scheduling process.

  • specify an audio PIN to prevent "spoofers" from using your number to dial in.

Schedule a Meeting with ANI/CLI Authentication

    1Log in to your Webex site.
    2Go to Host a Meeting > Schedule a Meeting. The Schedule a Meeting page appears.
    3Select Change audio conference. The Audio Conference Settings dialog box appears.
    4Select Enable audio conference CLI authentication when participants call in, if it is not already selected.
    5Schedule your meeting as you normally would.

    Specify a Phone Number for Call-In Authentication

    You can set authentication for any phone number listed in your user profile.

      1Go to My Webex and select Preferences.
      2 In the Audio section, select Set up, or, if you have already set audio options, expand the Audio section.
      3Under My Phone Numbers, beside the phone number you want to be authorized, check Call-in authentication.
      4Select Save.

      Specify Authentication PIN for Host Account

        1Log in to your Webex site.
        2Go to My Webex and select Preference.
        3 In the Audio section, select Set up, or, if you have already set audio options, expand the Audio section.
        4Under My Phone Numbers, enter a 4-digit PIN number in the PIN: box.
        5Select Save.

        Edit Stored Numbers

        Before You Begin

        • Any changes do not take place until the next time you join.

        • You cannot be in an audio conference by phone while you are editing your phone number.

          1On the Quick Start page, select More Options.
          2Select Call Me, or if you already have a number listed under “Call Me,” select Call me at a different number.
          3Update your phone number.
          4Select Call Me.
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