Site administrators can generate usage reports to view data about previous sessions, such as how many participants attended a session, and how many minutes a session lasted.


The following terms and definitions are from the exported Session Summary CSV reports.

Site Administration

To generate usage reports from Webex Meetings Site Administration, in the left navigation bar, go to Reports > Common > Usage Report. Choose the information that to include in your report and click Export Report.

For more information about reports, see View Reports for Your Webex Site.

Control Hub

To generate classic usage reports from Control Hub, from the customer view in, go to Reports, select the Classic Reports tab, and select Meeting Usage. Choose the information to include in the report and click Export Report.

For more information about reports, see Use Classic Cisco Webex Meetings Reports.

Report column title



Session ID:

Session ID.

Session No.

Session No.


Meeting title.

Meeting Type

Session type.

Session Type Code name, including PRO, ONS, TRS, SC3, and so on.


The username or email of the Webex host.

First Name

The first name of the Webex host.

Last Name

The last name of the Webex host.


Meeting date.

Start Time

Meeting start time.


Meeting duration.

The duration that a meeting is running (not including the time that guests are in the lobby).


Meeting invitee count.

The number of invitees when the meeting is scheduled online or through the Productivity Tools.


Number of registered guests.


Total number of Webex meeting attendees, including those attendees who join from a computer or mobile device and those attendees who join from telepresence or video devices.

If the meeting is an audio-only meeting, then it's all VoIP + global call-in + domestic call-in + callback.

If the meeting isn't an audio-only meeting, then it doesn't include VoIP + global call-in + domestic call-in + callback attendees.

If the data attendee doesn't enter their attendee ID when they call in from their phone, then this attendee won't be counted twice.

Telepresence devices are counted.


Telephony type.

PCN: If it's an audio only meeting that isn't scheduled.

HYB: If it's an audio only meeting and has hybrid audio.

Integrated: Allows both PSTN and VoIP.

Standalone: If it's none of the above.

People Mins

Sum of data meeting minutes. The sum of each data attendee x their time in meeting. Doesn't include telephony minutes.

Local toll call-in

Total duration of domestic toll call-in from telephony attendees.

Local toll-free call-in

Total duration of domestic toll free from telephony attendees.

Local Callout

The total duration of domestic callback from telephony attendees.

Intl. Call-in

Total International toll + toll free call-in minutes from telephony attendees.

Intl. Callout

Total International callback minutes from telephony attendees.

Internal. Callout

Operator join conference or internal callback.

Integrated VoIP

Total duration of VoIP minutes from all data attendees.


Total multipoint video minutes.

Total multipoint video minutes, including desktop/mobile users with video. Excludes telepresence and Tandberg video endpoint minutes.

<the rest are tracking codes>