Custom contacts created in Jabber for desktop clients appear in Jabber for Android now. Custom Contacts allow you to add non directory contacts to the existing directory contact list, even if the contacts don’t have an IM address.

Custom Contacts allow you to add phone numbers to existing directory contacts. You can call, chat, email, and send text message. You can make custom contacts as their favorite contact.

For information on how to create, modify, or delete custom contacts in Jabber for desktop clients, see the latest User Guide for Cisco Jabber desktop clients.

You cannot have a WebEx session with the custom contacts.

If there is no IM address or Phone contact details, the call or chat button is hidden. If the custom contacts have IM address, then their presence is displayed. If the custom contacts have only phone numbers, then their presence is not displayed.

If the IM or email address of a custom contact matches a corporate directory contact, the corporate directory contact displays the merged information. For the display name attribute, Jabber displays custom contact name, for other contact details, Jabber display the merged information.