Getting Started

After your organization has been set up in Control Hub, you can sign in to Control Hub ( and start managing your organizational settings.


You can enable integrations in Control Hub so that your users can combine some of their favorite tools with their Webex app.

Reporting and Analytics

Use analytics, reports, and troubleshooting in Control Hub to learn how Webex services and devices are used in your organization. The data in reports and analytics adapts to parameters giving you the power to explore information about usage and adoption trends in real time. For example, you can use analytics to track and measure services in your cloud collaboration portfolio.

Use the following articles to learn how to generate and read the information in analytics, reports, and troubleshooting:

Webex App and Meetings Experience

As an administrator, you can make certain features in Webex available to everyone in your organization. For example, you can enable One Button to Push (OBTP), which displays a Join button on devices, making it easier for users with video devices to join meetings.

Single Sign-On

Use the following articles to learn more about setting up single sign-on for your organization:

Webex Assistant

Administrators can provision Webex Assistant for an organization, an entire Webex site, or for specific users. Use the following articles to learn more about Webex Assistant: