The option to send your work by email has to be configured through the web interface in order to be available. Read the Advanced Settings article for more information on how to access the web interface.


When the web interface of the device is opened, select the Settings tab, choose Send Whiteboard to Email , and Start Wizard .


Enter the server address, encryption method, and port number. The encryption that you select must be supported by the email server.

  1. Both TLS and STARTTLS encryption methods require server certificates. Most often, the server certificates can be validated using the CA list that is pre-installed on the device. After testing the connection, follow the email wizard instructions, and upload the certificates if necessary.

  2. If you select None in the encryption method field, you do not need to upload any certificate. Select Test connection to go on to the next step.


Enter the username, password, and the email address from where the whiteboards or annotations will be sent. If you selected None in the encryption method field, you only need to enter the email address.


Select Verify and Save . Your device is now configured to send whiteboards and annotations by email.