Instead of using email, your team is working together in a collaborative space . It's where you have conversations and can see anything new at a glance, as well as the entire history of the group conversation.


With Webex App, your calls are all integrated into the app, so you can call your coworkers who you're working with in a space just by clicking on their name, or start a call from a team space for your team to join . The app integrates with your company's directory so you always have current contact information, and finding people becomes easy when you can search the directory. It takes the guesswork out of maintaining contact info or figuring out someone's availability. Plus, you can make calls from the device that's easiest for you: start on your computer, move it to a room device , or take it on your mobile!


Webex App has you covered here, too. You can schedule calls with your boss as easily as you can have team meetings . Schedule your meetings in the app, share the agenda beforehand, connect to the video call , share your screen , whiteboard with your team , and then keep the discussion going in the space when the call is finished. All the people you need, all their contact info, and all the files you're using are available in the app. The app lists all of your upcoming meetings , keeps track of who you meet most often, and has your meeting room address ready for you to send to anyone you need to talk with.


Your spaces in Webex App keep all of the files the group is using in it. People can post files into the space. You can preview or download them , or you see a list of all the files in the space with one click. And if you're not sure which space a file was put in, you can just search for it in the app and it'll find it for you. And because the files are stored securely in the cloud using end-to-end encryption, not only are they safe but you don't need to worry about storage space anymore.