From the voicemail page, you can:

  • Listen to and manage voicemail messages.

  • You can also change your voicemail notification options in Voicemail Settings.

To learn more about voicemail and voicemail settings, see Manage Your Voicemail Settings.

Call Settings

From the Call Settings page, you can manage Incoming Call Settings, Schedule Settings, and have access to Additional Features for call settings.

To learn more about the various call setting options, click on one of the following articles: Do Not Disturb | Single Number Reach (Office Anywhere) | Anonymous Call Rejection | Call Notify | Call Forwarding | Simultaneous Ring | Sequential Ring | Call Waiting | Call Forwarding When Not Reachable (Business Continuity) | Selective Calls | Priority Alert | Barge In | Block Caller ID for Forwarded Calls | Hoteling.


From the Directory page, you can:

  • View and edit your Personal Directory under My Contacts.

  • Add entries to the Personal Directory that can be used when configuring other services such as Office Anywhere or Call Forwarding.

  • View the Enterprise Directory for your company (phone list).

  • Add and edit Speed Dial contact under My Contacts.

The Enterprise Directory, Personal Directory (My Contacts), and Speed Dial list will not be available to view from your desk phone. However, you can place calls to these contacts from the calling user portal using the desktop application, if installed.

To learn more about your Directory, see Add Contacts to Your Directory.

Call History

The Call History page allows you to view Call History on your phone number.