Before you begin

  • Ensure you have installed the Access Anywhere Agent on the remote computer.

  • If you are not the original meeting host, log in to your Webex site before joining the meeting.

If a password-protected screen saver is running on the remote computer, your meeting service automatically closes it once you provide your access code or pass code.



Start remote computer sharing

  1. Select Share > Remote Computer . The Access Anywhere dialog box appears.

  2. Under Remote Computers , select your computer.

  3. Under Applications , select your application. If you set up the remote computer so you can access its entire screen, the option Content appears under Applications .

  4. Select Connect and complete the authentication method, either access code or phone code, you chose when you set up the computer for Access Anywhere.

Share additional applications on a shared remote computer

  1. On the Meeting Controls Panel, select the down arrow button and then select Share Remote Application .

  2. Select the application and select OK .

After you choose another application to share, all previously selected applications remain open.

Stop remote computer sharing

  1. To ensure your privacy and the security of your remote computer:

    • Close any applications that you started during the sharing session.

    • Specify a screen saver password, and set the screen saver to appear after short period of inactivity-for example, 1 minute.

    • Shut down the computer, if you do not plan to access it again remotely.

  2. On the Meeting Controls Panel, select Stop Sharing .

To log in, lock, or unlock the remote computer

On the Meeting Controls Panel, select the down arrow and then select Send Ctrl+Alt+Del .