Before you begin

This article assumes that your company's site administrator has already configured the Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop App to appear on your site. Contact your site administrator for more information. The virtual desktop app feature is available for customer sites by request only. Your site administrator can contact Support to get the virtual desktop app for your site.

With the virtual desktop app, instead of a traditional desktop, you have a thin client and a HVD. Your HVD includes your

  • Desktop or laptop

  • Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop App

  • Data

Sign into the Virtual Desktop App


Go to the site provided by your site administrator to open the virtual desktop app.


Enter your company email address and click Next.


Enter your password and click Sign In.

The virtual desktop app is opened and shows any scheduled meetings.

What to do next

  • Once you have signed in, we recommend that you set up your Preferences, so you are ready to go to the virtual desktop app when you need it.

  • If a meeting is already scheduled, here is how to Join or Start your meeting from the virtual desktop app.