Open the virtual desktop app and sign in.


In the top right corner of the virtual desktop app, select the gear icon, then from the drop-down list, select Preference.


For each preference you set, choose Apply then OK to save your changes.


You can change the following:

  • General—Set your app to always open when you turn on your computer.

  • Accounts—View your Webex site URL, and enter your username and password in Phone services.

    Click Server Settings to:

    • View the Advanced Meeting Settings.

    • Configure the Advanced Phone Settings.

  • Meetings—Choose your Calendar and Meet Now settings. Your Personal Room link and video address are also available here if you want to copy them to share with others.

    When you change the calendar integration, you need to restart the virtual desktop app for the changes to take effect.
  • Audio—Change the speaker and the microphone that are used when dialing into the virtual desktop app. The drop-down menus contains all the speakers and microphones that are detected by the virtual desktop app.

    If you have multiple audio devices that are connected to your system, click Advanced to:

    • Select which speaker you want as your default speaker.

    • Select which microphone you want as your default microphone.

  • Video—Choose if you want to start meetings in the virtual desktop app with or without video.

    If you have multiple video devices that are connected to your system:

    • Choose a video device from the Camera drop-down list.

    • Click Advanced to arrange your video devices in order of preference.