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Open and Resolved Bugs

For lists of open and resolved bugs in the slow channel releases, see the Open and Resolved Bugs (WBS39.5.x and Later).


New Slow Channel Release Version 41.2.7

We are excited to announce that the new Slow Channel release version 41.2.7 is available for upgrade on your site. This updated release includes animated in meeting reactions with gesture controls, breakout session enhancements and more!

Site Administrators can update now to take advantage of the enhancements available in 41.2.7. Instructions on how to update your site via Control Hub or Site Administration can be found here.

There are many more features which will become available as part of this Slow Channel release. Check out what was included in the List of Feature for Webex Meetings WBS40.11 to WBS41.2 Updates.

  • Animated in-meeting reactions with Gesture Control

    In 40.11, we introduced in-meeting reactions, a great way for Meeting participants to interact and express themselves non-verbally. You can now express yourself non-verbally through in-meeting reactions. This is a great way to engage in a meeting without having to come off of mute.

    All participants in the meeting, the host, presenter, cohost and attendees, can see how the audience is reacting in real-time.

    In 40.11, we've made sending reactions even more natural by introducing gesture controls in the desktop app. Simply motion to your camera, and your hand gesture will automatically be recognized, and the reaction will be sent! This includes:

    • Giving a thumbs up

    • Giving a thumbs down

    • Applauding with your hands

    You can even use gesture controls to raise your hand in the meeting.

    For more information, see Use Reactions in Webex Meetings and Raise Your Hand in Webex Meetings and Events

  • Moving Raise Hand into Reactions Interface

    Mobile users will now see their raise hand function moved from their participant list to the top of their overflow menu, for easier access and discoverability. In addition, the raise hand status will also be displayed in the self-video windows of video participants.



    For more information, see Use Reactions in Webex Meetings

  • Raise Hand Improvements

    • Hosts Can Raise Hand

      As host, I can now raise my hand in a meeting, aligning to the experience when joining from a device.

      For more information, see Raise Your Hand in a Meeting.

    • Raise Hand Support on Video Systems

      Users on video systems will now be able to raise and lower their hand in a meeting. This is especially important when the host has muted everyone and is allowing participants to unmute themselves. If a user has a comment to make, they can raise their hand to get the attention of the host.

      On cloud-registered Webex room systems, the user can use the meeting control on the touch device or the screen to raise and lower hand.

      On SIP video systems, DTMF-*3 is used as a toggle. Send *3 once to raise a hand and another time to lower hand.

      As a host, users on video systems can also be notified when someone has raised their hand.

      And finally, as a host, users on video systems can lower all hands. On cloud-registered Webex room systems, they can do that using native meeting controls. On SIP video systems, they can lower hands using DTMF-#3.

      For more information, see Raise a Hand Using DTMF Commands in Cisco Webex Meetings and Events.

    • Host or Cohost Can Lower a Participant's Hand

      As a meeting host or cohost, you can now lower the hand of a participant who has raised their hand. Simply hover over their raised hand in the Participants panel and click "Lower hand."

      For more information, see View Participants with Their Hands Raised in Cisco Webex Meetings

  • Improved Layout Control

    Following suit with the control bar, we've optimized the layout controls to a single button, labeled Layout. We've also added the option to Hide non-video participants to this menu for easy access.

    We've updated the names of the views to be more consistent with the device experience:

    • Active speaker and thumbnail video view is now called, Stage view

    • Active speaker video view is now called, Focus view

    • Video strip view is now called, Stack view

    • Floating panel view is now called, Fullscreen view

    For more information, see Choose the Default Screen Layout for Recordings in Webex Meetings and Events a.

    Hide Names in Videos

    Name labels in the video windows will now auto-hide after a few seconds for anyone who isn't actively speaking and reappears when moving the mouse. You also have the option to hide all the name labels in the video windows (including active speaker) manually, by going to the View menu or Layout button and selecting Hide names in videos.

    For more information, see Hide or Show Non-Video Participants During a Webex Meeting or Event.

  • Layout Options to Include Grid View in Third Party Streaming

    In the 40.12 update, the host has the options to select which layouts the audiences will see from a third party live streaming platform. The streaming layout can be set prior to the live streaming starts, and it can be modified during the live streaming.

    • When the meeting has shared content, the host can choose from thumbnail view, active speaker view or content-only view.

    • When the meeting has no shared content, the host can choose from active speaker and thumbnail view, grid view, or active speaker view.

    For more information, see Select the Screen Layout for Recordings in Webex Meetings and Webex Events.

  • Keyboard Shortcut Management (Windows)

    You can now access and manage the keyboard shortcuts directly from the desktop app meeting window, by going to the help menu.

    • Here, you can manage the Global Shortcut setting to determine if you would like to be able to use the shortcut even when the Meetings app isn’t in focus.

    • You also have the option to customize the shortcut and redefine it to the key combination of your choosing.

    These settings are particularly useful if you find the keyboard shortcuts conflicting with other applications, for example.

    For more information, see Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events Accessibility Features.

  • Breakout Session Enhancements

    • High Frame Rate Content Sharing in Breakout Sessions

      You now have the options to Optimize for motion and video and Share computer audio in Webex Meetings breakout sessions. This makes it easy to share the video or animation while in a breakout session.

      For more information on sharing video in Meetings, see Share Content in Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events.

    • High Frame Rate Content Sharing Breakout Sessions for Android Devices

      Android users can now share high quality video and audio streams while in a Webex Meeting breakout session, similar to when they're in the main session.

    • Breakout Session Improvements

      Mobile Android and iPhone hosts can now start and assign breakout sessions directly from their Webex Meetings mobile apps, similar to iPads and the desktop app.

    • Pre-Assign Breakout Sessions

      Modern View users can now set up meeting breakout sessions and pre-assign invitees to specific sessions while scheduling their meetings.

      The administrator can go to Default Scheduler Options to set the default breakout session status for a scheduler template. The host can change the option from the Meeting template.

      For more information, see Pre-Assign Participants to Breakout Sessions.

    • Meetings Breakout Session Pre-Assignment Support (Mobile)

      Mobile support for editing and re-using a scheduled pre-assignment within the meeting.

      • iPad host and cohosts can now leverage pre-assignment breakout sessions that were created by the scheduler while in the meeting.

      • iPad host and cohost can recreate and edit their breakout sessions based off this pre-assignment. They can optionally also reset to the default after use.

      • If the Breakout Session is started, pre-assigned invitees will join the Breakout Session automatically after they join the meeting. (includes reconnected and rejoin cases).

    • Let Anyone Join this Breakout Session- When creating or managing breakout sessions, you now have the ability to let anyone join this breakout session, even if they aren't assigned to this breakout (or are assigned to a different breakout).

      In the Breakout session assignment window, you can select which breakout you would like anyone to be able to join by clicking on the icon, or alternatively for all sessions in the "more" menu.

      For more information on breakout sessions, see Create Breakout Sessions and Join or Leave a Breakout Sessions.

  • Moderated Unmute Mode

    Moderated unmute mode can be enabled for meeting cases where hosts and cohost can directly unmute participants. (As opposed to the standard privacy mode, where a participant will receive a request to unmute from the host or cohost.) This is particularly useful for cases like the classroom, where students may be too young to read the prompts, and the teacher needs more direct control over the students' unmute.

    Administrators can enable moderated unmute mode on their site, giving hosts access to this option in the meeting scheduler and personal room preferences. Meeting participants will see a clear indicator in the meeting window for meetings in Moderated unmute mode.

    For more information on the Moderated unmute mode, see

  • Automatic Notification When Talking on Mute

    Webex Meetings and Webex Events will now let you know if you're trying to speak while on mute. If you are using Call using computer and start to talk while your microphone is muted, Webex will automatically show you a notification so that you can unmute yourself to speak.

    For more information, see Mute or Unmute in Webex Meetings Suite.

For more info on the latest releases, see What's New for the Latest Channel of Webex Meetings.


New Slow Channel Release Version 40.10.10

The new Slow Channel release version 40.10.10 has a long list of innovative features, but most importantly, this release includes a new, simple and yet powerful user experience making Webex Meetings more intuitive and easier to use. Another big enhancement in this release are training features, like virtual breakout sessions, the cohost role, and additional mute controls.

To learn how to upgrade to this new Slow Channel release, read more about the Webex Software Channels here.

New intuitive and simple user interface:

Enhanced Preview Window – Easily adjust audio and video settings in your new, larger preview window by using contextual menu options that are now above the Join Meeting button.

New In-Meeting Controls – New way to access meeting controls by making them always available at the bottom of your screen where they won't cover video or shared content.

Essential meeting controls remain in the center for easy access, while panel controls - Participants and Chat - are moved to the right, where the panels open when selected.

The buttons are more intuitive, with universally recognizable icons and text labels with shortcut menus so users can easily change in-meeting settings without skipping a beat.

Hide the Control Bar - When not in presenter mode, you can now hide the bottom control bar by mousing over the control bar to reveal the "Hide control bar" button, or by going to the View menu. You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+Q to hide or show the controls.

Themes – You can choose whether you want to view the meeting window in the standard Light Theme or the brand new Dark Theme, available from the View menu. Reduce eye strain by choosing a theme that works best with your lighting conditions.

Video Layout Enhancements for the Desktop App - We've made some exciting improvements to the video layout when joining meetings and events. Things to know about this more interactive and intuitive experience:

  • In Meetings, Grid view is now the default when no content is being shared. This provides a more collaborative feeling.

  • Events will continue to default to the Active Speaker and Thumbnail view.

  • Admins can now set the default video views (when no content is being shared) for meeting and events on their site.

  • Users can still change the view to Active Speaker video view or Active Speaker and Thumbnail video view from the controls in the upper right area.

  • Users will see that their self-view is now shown as part of the other participant videos for a more natural experience. If you prefer to float your self-view instead, simply click "Show my self-view in a floating window."

  • Users may hide non-video participants to focus specifically on those people who have video turned on.

Grid view is still limited to showing a maximum of 6 video system video streams simultaneously at any given time.

Training Features Coming to Meetings

Video Breakout Sessions - With brand new video breakout sessions, you'll be able to enhance virtual training for your organization or classroom or make collaborating in small groups easier. As a host, you'll be able to create multiple breakout sessions and automatically or manually assign attendees.

Cohost - Webex is also introducing cohosts to help manage meetings and breakout sessions. Cohosts can mute attendees, invite and remind participants, manage the meeting lobby, and more.

Enhanced Mute Controls and Audio Privacy

Easy to find Mute All and Unmute All Button - The Mute all and Unmute all buttons are easier to find, right at the bottom of the Participants panel.

Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves - In meetings, by default, when you mute another participant directly through Mute all or Mute on Entry, those participants can manually unmute themselves. While this is great for smaller, more conversational meetings, larger meetings and classrooms may require more moderation for when attendees are allowed to unmute.

In this update, hosts, and cohosts can now choose whether or not participants are allowed to unmute themselves. When this setting is unchecked, participants’ Unmute buttons will be disabled.

Mute All with Mute on Entry - When you click Mute all, it will also turn on Mute on Entry by default, to make sure that anyone joining the meeting late will also be muted from that point forward. Similarly, when you click Unmute all, it will automatically turn off Mute on Entry. This makes for a much more intuitive experience when managing mute in your meetings. You can still choose to turn on or off Mute on Entry independently.

Unmute and Audio Privacy - Now, when a host or cohost unmutes a participant, that participant will be given a prompt to unmute, instead of being unmuted directly. This helps to prevent meeting distractions or catching others by surprise if they weren't expecting to be unmuted.

Remove Background Noise

Continue collaborating without noisy background disruptions. When the Remove background noise setting is turned on, your desktop app will remove your barking dog or home improvement project noise, while enhancing your voice.

There are many more features which will become available as part of this Slow Channel release. Refer to the “What’s new in the Webex Meetings”, What's New for the Slow Channel of Cisco Webex Meetings.

For more info on the shared features and changes that the slow channel updates have with the latest updates, see the Webex Meetings Shared Components from the Latest Updates. For more info on the latest releases, see What's New for the Latest Channel of Webex Meetings.


New Slow Channel Release Version 40.6.8

The new Slow Channel release version 40.6.8 offers a giant leap in the amazing experience and capabilities available to Slow Channel users. In this release, our Slow Channel customers can now deliver amazing new Webex meetings capabilities that will delight end users and administrators. And you could read more about the Webex Software Channels here.

The key highlights of this release are:

  • Background Blur and Replace - Users can now blur or change their background by choosing from a selection of Cisco provided virtual backgrounds when joining Meetings and Events from Mac and Windows.

  • Fastest and Most Intuitive Join Experience Yet - Joining Webex Meetings is significantly faster - with fewer clicks and less time needed to get into your meetings! See Explore the Latest Webex Meetings Join Experience for Desktop for more information.

  • Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings - The AI powered Webex Assistant for meetings interacts with users with voice commands and helps with taking notes, action items, and reminders. See Cisco Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings for more information.

  • Live Streaming to Any Platform in Events - Live stream your Events and connect with large audiences. See Live Stream Your Webex Meetings or Events for more information.

  • Powerful Troubleshooting and Diagnostics - Administrators can now diagnose and troubleshoot meeting related problems in real-time. With the ability to see the audio, video and sharing quality of the meetings in progress, administrators can analyze the root cause of any issues that could prevent the users from getting the best Webex meetings’ experience. See Advanced Diagnostics and Troubleshooting in Control Hub for more information.

With the availability of the new Slow Channel release, all versions of previous slow channel versions 39.5.x will reach end-of-support on Aug 14, 2020. Cisco will no longer provide any patches or bug fixes on 39.5 release, after Aug 14, 2020. Additionally, 39.5 release will also reach end-of-life on November 13, 2020. Any sites that have not been updated to 40.6.8 or later by November 13, 2020 will be automatically updated to the latest available Slow Channel release version at the update time.

How to Update Your Site with the New Release

We are certain that you are as excited as we are to update to the new Slow Channel release and boost the collaboration experience in your organization. Cisco Webex Control Hub, or the Webex Site Admin portal provides functionality to self-upgrade your site with just a few clicks. Please read Software Channels for your Cisco Webex Meetings Business Suite for more information.

If your site is managed by a Cisco Collaboration partner with Cisco Webex Control Hub, your partner may have disabled the self-upgrade functionality. In this case, please contact your partner for updating your site.

Other Announcements

  • Classic View Deprecation for Meetings - Starting with the Webex Modern View 40.9 update, we will be deprecating our Classic View portal for all Webex Meetings capabilities. Customers will continue to have access to the Webex Events and Webex Training capabilities, however they will no longer be able to access their Webex Meetings-specific functions through the Classic View interface. See details for What's Supported in Modern View.

  • End of Support for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 10

    Update - Extending Support for Windows 7

    With the September 2020 (40.9) update, we announced the end of support for the Windows 7 operating system. We will now continue Windows 7 support on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge through June 2021. Cisco will continue to provide bug fixes and updates for Windows 7 wherever possible.

    For Windows 7 customers who use Internet Explorer, Cisco will support Internet Explorer 11 until Microsoft declares its end of life. To have the best meeting experience possible, plan to upgrade your operating system and browser to the latest versions.

    In the upcoming 40.9 update, Cisco Webex will officially end support for the Windows 7 operating system and the Internet Explorer 10 browser.

    Cisco will no longer provide bug fixes or updates for this operating system and browser. While users on these platforms will not be prevented from joining or starting meetings for now, we can no longer guarantee a fully functional operation. To have the best meeting experience possible, plan to upgrade your operating system and browser.

    Please note that we are actively working on establishing dates to prevent the users on these platforms from joining Webex in future. We will provide advanced notice once we have the dates.