For more info on the current slow channel releases, see the What's New for the Slow Channel of Cisco Webex Meetings.

See the Feature Summary for the Cisco Webex Meetings Suite (WBS40) for a list of new features by the update number.

See the Open and Resolved Bugs for the Latest Webex Meetings Releases for a list of the open and resolved bugs in the latest releases.

September 2020 (40.9.3)

Prevent “Auto Accept All Requests” for Remote Control

While sharing, the presenter can automatically accept user requests for keyboard and mouse control. We’ve added an option so site administrators can choose to prevent automatic acceptance of these remote control requests. When unchecked, the presenter will have to manually pass control to users.

For more information on how to prevent Auto Accept All Requests see, Manage Content Sharing Security on Your Webex Site.

September 2020 (40.9)


The WBS40.9 update has important announcements, which can be reviewed in the Announcements for the Cisco Webex Meetings Suite.

Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events Enhancements

Updated Controls in Meetings and Events

We're introducing an all-new in-meeting user experience, making it much more intuitive and easier to use.

  • Optimized Audio and Video Preview

    The larger, optimized Audio/Video Preview window makes it easier to look your best and find the settings you need before joining a meeting.

  • Clear and Easy-to-find Meeting Controls

    Meeting controls are now clearly labeled and located at the bottom of your meeting window, which means you’ll always have them in sight, but without them covering up shared content or video.

  • Contextual Option Menus

    Audio settings and camera settings can now be conveniently accessed in the menus at the right of their respective mute and camera buttons.

  • Consolidated Panel Controls

    Panel controls (like Participants, Chat, and Q&A) can be found towards the right, where the panel opens.

    For more information on how the new in-meeting experience compares to the previous experience, see Explore the 40.9 In-Meeting Experience.

Additional Virtual Background Preset Images

We've added more virtual background images to choose from in your Meetings and Events. The total number of available images has been increased from three to nine.

Virtual Background Support on Dual-Core Macs

The virtual background feature is now supported on Macs with dual-core processors.

“Meeting Ended" Enhancements

When meetings end, participants will now see the "meeting ended" dialog close automatically after a few seconds, if the user doesn’t dismiss it directly.

Cisco Webex Meetings Enhancements

Video Breakout Sessions in Webex Meetings

Breakout sessions allow you to place your meeting participants into smaller groups to collaborate and share ideas. This is great for workshops, classrooms, or for when you just need a moment to talk privately with a few others, outside of the main session.

Breakout sessions are easy to create and manage. You can even have participants assigned automatically. Inside of the breakout session is like being in a smaller meeting, complete with audio and video where participants can collaborate and share content, or even ask the host for help from the main session. The host can bring everyone back into the main session at any time or after a scheduled time limit.

For customers familiar with the breakout sessions feature in Webex Training, we're excited for you to see how much more the Webex Meetings platform has to offer!

For more on the exciting training capabilities we’re bringing to meetings, see Explore Training Capabilities in Webex Meetings and Webex Meetings Breakout Sessions.

Breakout Sessions will be available on your site by the end of September.

In-Meeting Cohost Role

As a meeting host, you can now assign other meeting participants as cohosts. Cohosts share your host-level privileges like muting and unmuting other participants, moving participants to or admitting participants from the lobby, and more!

Cohost is the evolution of the previous alternate host role. The "alternate host" setting has been renamed to "cohost" so that "only the first cohost with a host license can start the meeting. Everyone who previously had set their meetings and personal rooms to "anyone can host" will be automatically transferred to this new setting.

You can also assign cohosts on the fly, directly in-meeting, by simply right-clicking the participant and changing their role to Cohost.

You can have as many cohosts in a meeting as you wish.

Webex Meetings Mobile App Behavior

The mobile app will also support the cohost role. However, since hosts currently have more functionality available on the desktop app than the mobile app, some of the detailed cohost functionality also won’t be available to mobile cohosts (for example, sending email reminders).

The In-Meeting Cohost Role will be available on your site by the end of September.

Receiver Side Super-Resolution on Windows

When the meeting application receives 360p or lower resolution video due to sub-optimal network conditions, the app enhances the video as part of the decoding process. This provides a much clearer video image when it’s displayed to the user. Here is a side-by-side comparison of a before and after capture of the same source video. This feature was added for Mac users in the 40.7 update. This update adds this functionality for Windows users.

Retiring Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 7

In this release, we’ll be officially retiring Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 7 support for Webex Meetings. While users on these platforms won’t be prevented from joining or starting meetings, Cisco will no longer provide bug fixes or updates for this operating system and browser going forward.

Control Meeting Volume from Paired Cloud Video Device

When you join a Webex meeting paired to a cloud video device, you can control its volume from within the meeting.

Connect to Devices from Webex Meetings

Webex Teams users joining meetings on a Mac can now search for and connect to a nearby video device from the Webex Meetings Preview window, if not already connected from Webex Teams. Once the device is connected and the user clicks Join Meeting, the meeting opens on the device automatically.

Webex Meetings Lobby Improvements

We’ve made significant improvements to the meeting lobby experience and made it consistent across Webex scheduled meetings and Personal Room meetings. Below are specific areas of improvement for end users and administrators.

  • Centralized Meeting Lobby Settings for Administrators

    Administrators can now manage their meeting lobby and security settings in a centralized place under Security Options. As part of this change, the previous Personal Room Security section has been moved here from the general Personal Room settings.

  • Simplified Lobby Settings

    We’ve simplified how we describe the behavior for guest users when joining meetings. We’ve also clarified that signed-in users in your organization can always join unlocked meetings without having to wait in the lobby.

  • Unauthenticated User Exception Removed

    We’ve removed the exception where unauthenticated users who have logged into their accounts in the last two weeks could bypass the lobby. As a result, all users must now be signed in on their Webex application or on their Webex site to join meetings in their organization without having to wait in the lobby. If they don't sign in, and either the Guests wait in the lobby until the host admits them or the Guests can't join option is selected, they won’t be able to join the meeting directly or will be blocked from joining.

    This encourages users to always sign in on their app or site for a seamless join experience. And you’ll be able to positively identify your users and keep unwanted participants from disrupting your meetings.

  • Meeting Lobby for Scheduled Meetings

    You’ll now have access to a meeting lobby for scheduled Webex meetings, just like for Personal Room meetings. Previously, if a meeting was locked, all users were blocked from joining a meeting. With this update, we’re aligning the experience with Personal Rooms, where users will be able to wait in a meeting lobby when the meeting is locked.

    In addition, when you schedule a meeting, you’ll be able to choose one of the three options to define the behavior for external attendees joining the meeting:

    • Can join the meeting

    • Can join the meeting only if I let them in

    • Can't join the meeting

    The previous setting Require attendees to have an account on this site in order to join this meeting is now replaced with the join options described above. The previous setting maps to the new setting ‘Can't join the meeting’.

    Hosts can admit users from the lobby in the same way that they do for Personal Room meetings today. Users in the host's own organization and external users are clearly indicated.

    The default setting is Can join the meeting, but this can be changed by the site administrator as the new default for users.

  • Automatic Lock for Webex Meetings

    We’re aligning the experience for Webex scheduled and Personal Room meetings for automatic lock behavior. Administrators can now set a meeting to automatically lock after a configurable amount of time for a disruption-free meeting experience.

    Users can configure this setting on a per-meeting basis when they’re scheduling their meeting.

    This setting is off by default, can be enabled by the administrator as the new default for users, and can be locked by the administrator to prevent users from changing the setting.

  • Disable Lobby for All Meetings

    Administrators can now define whether users can wait in a lobby when the meeting is locked. Previously, there were two behaviors: 1) attendees were blocked from joining a Webex meeting, and 2) attendees would wait in a Personal Room lobby.

    With this change, we’re simplifying the overall experience by aligning with Personal Room meeting behavior. Now every meeting gets a locked meeting lobby by default. However, administrators can change this setting for both Webex scheduled and Personal Room meetings under the Security Options section.

  • Automatically Remove Participants from Lobby After Timeout

    Nobody wants to wait in the lobby forever. To keep distractions to a minimum and to allow people to do more with their time, we’ll automatically remove attendees from the meeting lobby after 30 minutes of inactivity by default. Administrators can configure the timeout to one of the following values: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes.

    A configurable Lobby timeout will also help avoid PSTN call charges while waiting in a lobby.

  • Changes for Phone-only Users

    • Going forward, phone-only participants will also be placed in a lobby when applicable, based on meeting security settings for both Personal Room and Scheduled Webex meetings. Earlier phone-only participants were unable to join a lobby. Also, this means during a meeting, the host/co-host can now also move a phone-only participant out to the lobby.

    • A phone-only host can now be notified of participants waiting in the lobby. They can auto-admit either all participants or only signed-in participants (based on meeting security settings) by unlocking the meeting.

      This notification to a phone-only host feature was announced with the September 2020 (40.9) update, but instead will be available in a later update.

    • An Authenticated Audio caller will now appear with their name (not as ‘Call-in User X’), so the host can better identify and choose to admit participants.

      If Display Caller ID is enabled and the caller ID is available, a non-authenticated audio caller's display name has been changed from Call-in UserX (nnnnnnXXXX) to nnnXXXXXnn (where n is shown, X is masked).

      This feature was announced with the September 2020 (40.9) update, but communicated later.

    • For tighter security, when unauthenticated Audio callers join meetings that require sign-in, they’ll be placed in the lobby for the host to admit.

    • Configurable Lobby timeout has been implemented to avoid PSTN call charges from waiting indefinitely in a lobby.

Lobby Improvements will be available on your site by the end of September.

Cisco Webex Meetings, Events, Training, and Support Enhancements

New Set of PSTN Numbers

In this update, to enhance the Audio services in Cisco Webex we’re adding a list that will support the provisioning of new call-in access numbers. These new numbers will appear in the Webex client and in the global call-in list. The countries that are being supported in this update are, Australia, Belize, Brunei, Botswana, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, India, Malta, Peru, Paraguay, Portugal, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, United States, and Portland Oregon Toll Number.

Cisco Webex Page Enhancements

Grid Layout for Cloud Recordings

With the grid layout becoming the default experience in Webex Meetings, meeting recordings will default to the grid layout in this update for new and existing Webex hosts. This applies to both Webex Meetings and Webex Events.

This change applies to video-centric MP4 recordings only.

Grid layout recording UI:

In addition, hosts now have the flexibility to select a recording layout combination for when the meeting has and doesn’t have shared content. If a host set the Recording layout preference as "Content-only view" prior to 40.9, his or her preferences will stay the same.

User Preference UI:

The site administrator can also select the recording default layout for new users in the Webex Site Administration and Webex Control Hub.

If a site has set recording default layout as "Content-only view" prior to the 40.9 update, this setting stays the same.

Control Hub Site Default Recording Layout Settings UI:

Grid View for Recordings will be available on your site by the end of September.

Participant Content Sharing

Hosts can now allow the participants to share their screen during scheduled meetings or Personal Rooms meetings.

My Contacts and Company Address Book

Modern View users will now have easy access to their contact distribution list and company address directly from their scheduler. Saved contacts will automatically be available` when they search or fill in invitees.

Guest View Access Enhancements

Signed-out users navigating directly into their Modern View Webex site to join a meeting will have access to a self-help panel in the right corner.

Upload Recordings and Disable Recording Downloads Support

Modern View users will now have access to the upload recording functionality directly from the Recordings page.

The “I will provide URL” and “Use a file that is already on the Webex network” are no longer supported for adding a recording in Modern View. When playback an uploaded recording, playback speed adjustment, edit playback range and transcription aren’t supported.

Modern View users will also be able to enable or disable a "prevent recording download" option from their Modern View Recordings page.

Scheduler Support for Editing Templates

Modern View users will now be able to edit their templates directly from their scheduler preferences so that the scheduled meeting from the Webex desktop app, mobile app, and Webex Site will use the default meeting template. If a personal meeting templates isn’t selected, then the site default template will be used.

Prompt to Send out Email Updates After Scheduling a Meeting

In Modern View, hosts are now prompted to send out an email update after editing a scheduled Webex meeting.

Classic View Deprecation of Meetings

Starting with the September 2020 (40.9) update, we will be deprecating all Webex Meetings capabilities from Classic View. Customers will continue to have access to the Webex Events and Webex Training capabilities. However, they will no longer be able to access their Webex Meetings-specific functions through the Classic View interface. See details for What's Supported in Modern View.

Cisco Webex Control Hub and Cisco Webex Site Administration

Prevent AI Robots from Attending a Meeting

Site administrators can now prevent AI transcription robots from joining a meeting. Initially, the robot with email addresses can be blocked, and others may be added by request.

Customize Left Nav Links Support

Site Administrators can now add and edit up to three additional custom links to their left navigation bar, in case they want to make available their own support content.

Cisco Webex Meetings APIs

Updates to Webex Meetings RESTful APIs

We’re adding new post-meeting capabilities to the Meetings RESTful APIs.

You’re now able to add query parameters to the meetings endpoint that allows you to return meetings with specific states.

The post-meeting capabilities can be applied to meeting series as well.

These enhancements allow for greater control in workflows that deal with listing meetings, in this case specifically meetings that have already happened.

The recordings endpoint DTO now includes the meetingId, allowing you easily correlate recordings with their associated meeting.

Visit for more information.

Cisco Webex Meetings for Microsoft Teams

Upcoming Meeting Reminder

Meeting hosts in Microsoft Teams, for any scheduled Personal Room meeting or regularly scheduled meeting that they host in a channel, will now have the following capabilities:

  • For meetings that will start within 15 minutes, they will see a Reminder button next to the Start button in the Webex Channel Tab Meeting List.

Meeting invitees in a Microsoft Teams channel, for any scheduled Personal Room meeting or regularly scheduled meeting, will see the following notification:

  • When the host sends a reminder for a meeting that will start within 15 minutes, they will see a notification in the channel, and they will be able to join the meeting by clicking the ‘Join Meeting’ button.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.9 for iOS and Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Virtual Background Controls

With the September 2020 (40.9) update, site administration options to allow virtual backgrounds and allow custom backgrounds will now apply to the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub Device support

Users of Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Hub Smart Display devices will now be able to use Webex Meetings on these devices.

Amazon Echo Show devices will be able to display meeting and recording lists, as well as and play back recordings.

Google Nest Hub devices will be able to display meeting and recording lists, play back recordings, and schedule meetings.

Click Use Voice Commands on Your Mobile Device for more details on Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub Devices.

Breakout Sessions in Meetings

Mobile app users can now attend breakout sessions in their Webex meetings, similar to desktop app users. In addition, iPad users will be able to use the host functionality while in the meeting, similar to desktop app users.

Known limitation: Android devices and iPhones will support only attendee capabilities in this update, not host capabilities.

Host support for iOS mobile and Android devices will be added in a future update.

Locked Lobby Support for Scheduled Webex Meetings

Mobile hosts can now lock a scheduled Webex meeting while in a meeting, similar to the Personal Room locking support. The mobile attendee experience will also have a new pre-meeting lobby experience, similar to Personal Rooms.

Facebook Portal support

Facebook Portal users will now be able to leverage their Webex Meetings app directly from all Facebook Portal devices! The experience will match what currently exists in the Android app. More details to follow.

Support Scheduled Personal Room Meetings Retrieved from the Webex Server APIs

Independent of calendar scraping and Microsoft Office 365 API calls, mobile users can now view scheduled Personal Room meetings from their in-app meeting list. If the user has configured the meeting list to retrieve meetings from the Webex backend, they receive scheduled Personal Room meetings, like with Modern View pages. This method allows users to receive scheduled Personal Room meetings without relying on third-party sources.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.9 for iOS

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Additional Virtual Background Preset Images

iOS mobile users will have more virtual background images to choose from in your meetings. You can now view three images on your iPhone and six images on your iPad.



Participant List View Permissions Alignment/Optimization

iOS mobile hosts will no longer tie panelist disablement and video disablement together with one setting. Instead it will align with the desktop and Android app and disable the Participants list only, and always keep video turned on.

Desktop app hosts currently can’t disable video, so iOS aligns with that behavior.

iOS screen sharing and High FPS behavior will also now be similarly aligned with the desktop and Android apps. If the Webex site has them disabled, then iOS will also be disabled.

Official Support for iOS 14

The new iOS 14 operating system will officially be supported in this update.

Event Post-Session Survey Support

iPhone Webex Events attendees are now able to participate in post-session surveys after events are completed, just like desktop app attendees.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.9 for Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Microsoft Intune Native SDK Support

We’re announcing official Android mobile app support for the Microsoft Intune SDK. To access these capabilities, customers must sign up for our MDM community to direct access to our Webex Meetings app for Microsoft Intune.

If your customer is a Microsoft Intune user and needs access to the SDK, see​ Use Mobile Device Management to Configure Cisco Webex Meetings​.

Next, reach out to this mailer for additional instructions: ​

Meeting Controls and Overflow Menu Alignment

Android mobile users will see their meeting controls updated to match the same style as the desktop app, which is also redesigned with this same update. This includes a new unmuted state icon with no slash through it and animation when the device user is speaking.

Profile Name and Password Update Support

It’s now easier for Android mobile users to update their signed-in profile name and password directly from their app. Editing your name is available for all Webex sites. Editing your password is only available for Webex sites managed in Webex Site Administration at this time.

Android Personal Room Meeting End and Leave Alignment

Android mobile users will now experience the same Personal Room meeting end and leave meeting behavior as in iOS mobile and Desktop app. Previously, Android mobile users could only end the meeting in Personal Room meeting, without reassigning the host role to others.

August 2020 (40.8)


The WBS40.8 update has important announcements, which can be reviewed in the Announcements for the Cisco Webex Meetings Suite .

Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Enhancements

Mac User Password Enhancements – Upgrade without Admin Password

Previously, the Mac standard user needed to input the admin username/password to upgrade their Webex desktop app (pre-meeting); now they can upgrade it without inputting the admin username or password.

This feature exclusively works for the 40.8 and later versions only.

Video Layout Enhancements for the Desktop App

We've made some exciting improvements to the video layout when joining Meetings and Events for a more interactive and intuitive experience:

In Meetings, Grid View is now the default when no content is being shared for a more collaborative feeling.

You can still change your view to Active Speaker Video View or Active Speaker and Thumbnail Video View from the controls in the upper right area.

  • Events will continue to default to the Active Speaker and Thumbnails view.

    • Admins can now set the default video views (when no content is being shared) for Meeting and Events on their site.

Grid view is still limited to showing a maximum of 6 video system video streams simultaneously at any given time.

Hide non-video participants to focus specifically on those people who have video turned on. For more information see Hide or Show Non-Video Participants During a Webex Meeting or Event.

Virtual Background - Choose Your Own Custom Image

On Windows and Mac, when selecting a virtual background, you can now choose your own image from your desktop to be used. For the best results, use an image that is greater than or equal to 1280 x 720 pixels.

Windows users who have not previously used the virtual background feature will be prompted to download the virtual background package the first time they choose to use a virtual background.

Admins can control whether participants are allowed to use their own virtual background in the admin tool. (This is a new sub-setting under the "Enable virtual background" setting. When this sub-setting is disabled, meeting participants will be limited to the Webex-provided images.)

VDI Dual-Monitor Support

Webex now supports a dual-monitor setup for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu + eLux) on Virtual Desktops. Users with dual monitors will be able to extend the display of their session so they can utilize both of their monitors.

VDI Optimization for Media Server Selection

The Windows thin client running the Webex Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) will now connect to the Webex data center that is closest to the physical location of the Windows thin client. This offers a superior audio and video Webex meetings experience for the end users in a different geographical location than their VDI Data Center.

Meetings Audio/Video Improvements

The Speaker, Microphone, and Camera settings dialog has been improved to easily allow the testing of a selected speaker and microphone.

Selecting the "Test" button next to the speaker selection will cause the button to change to say "Playing" and sample audio from the selected speakers. If you can't hear the test sound, try changing the speaker device.

Selecting the "Test" button next to the microphone selection will allow you to record yourself speaking to test the microphone.

The recorded audio will automatically play back through the selected speaker. If you can't hear the test sound, try changing the microphone device and testing it again.

Be sure to test the speaker first, then the microphone.

Cisco Webex Page Enhancements

Modern View-Event/Training Enhancements

For improved security, we will be removing the host key from our Webex Events and Webex Training scheduler emails and invites in this release. The plain host key will be changed into a link to the meeting details page, where the host key will be accessible behind a host authentication. This also is in parity with Webex Meetings.

Customized email templates will have no impact.

Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events Enhancements

Music Mode in Meetings and Events

Music mode optimizes the audio processing of the selected microphone source for music. This allows a richer audio experience when transmitting music with the main video benefiting virtual concerts and music lessons. When this mode is disabled, the application will optimize the audio processing for speech.

You can also use the feature in environments where background noise makes it challenging to hear users. The feature disables noise reduction, so it won’t help with the noise, but it will also not decrease the speaker’s voice during the process.

The Music mode icon appears near the top right corner of the client when active.

You can enable or disable Music mode in the Audio menu, the Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut, or the Speaker, Microphone, and Camera settings dialog.

Push to Talk

When muted, you can now hold the spacebar down to momentarily unmute. Simply press and hold the spacebar when you want to talk. You'll see an indicator that you are temporarily unmuted. Release the spacebar to go back on to mute.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.8 for iOS

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Apple ID to Sign-In Option for iPhone and iPad Users

iOS users can now sign into their Webex Meetings mobile app using their Apple ID on their iPhone or iPad.

This cool, new feature is a streamlined sign-in option for iPhone/iPad users!

iPad OS User Experience Optimizations

All links to external mobile browsers (e.g. support links) will open as an embedded experience within the mobile app itself. And now the playback recording user experience is improved!

Control Bar/Overflow Menu Alignment

iOS mobile users will see their centralized control bar updated in a style easy to navigate.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.8 for Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Virtual and Blur Background Support

Webex Meetings exclusively allows Android users to select virtual or blur background backdrops while participating in their meetings. We are the first video conferencing solution to offer this feature for Android, and it's available on the Cisco Webex Meetings app for Android on tablets too!

The Android mobile devices and tablets that support virtual background in the Cisco Webex Meetings app for Android need be equipped by a 64-bit octa core (8-core) processor, RAM with 3.5G or above, and Android OS 8 (Oreo) or above.

Android Host Support for Streaming to Facebook/ YouTube /Twitter and Others

Similar to the Desktop app, Android hosts will now be able to start a stream from a third-party source such as Facebook, YouTube or IBM directly from their mobile device!

Host Mute/Un-Mute Control Improvements

Android mobile hosts will now have access to enable/disable mute on entry while in their meeting.

Attendee Pin Support

Previously, only Android hosts could pin a video. With this release, attendees can now pin any video for their own view regardless of who is speaking.

This gives better ability to pin to a desired video without shifting screens to other active speakers.

July 2020 (40.7)


The WBS40.7 update has important announcements, which can be reviewed in the Announcements for the Cisco Webex Meetings Suite .

Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Enhancements

Easily See Meeting Participants with Their Hand Raised

As a Webex Meetings host or presenter, you’ll now see participants who raise their hand automatically sorted at the top of the Participants list. The order of the participants will follow the order in which they raised their hand.

If you would prefer, you can sort participants by name to quickly scan the list.

Lobby Support for Video System and Webex Teams External Users

Users outside of your organization who are on video conferencing systems and Webex Teams apps will now be able to wait in the Personal Room lobby, when the site is configured to place external users in a lobby when the Personal Room is in an unlocked state.

Before this enhancement, those external users would be subject to an administrator setting that controlled whether they would join the meeting directly or would be completely blocked from joining the Personal Room meetings.

With this enhancement, we are simplifying the experience by making sure that all devices and apps follow the same rules when joining an unlocked Personal Room meeting.

To do that, we are removing the existing administrator setting that controlled the exception behavior for users on video conferencing systems and Webex Teams apps.

Going forward, we will simply use the Personal Room meeting security settings to decide on the treatment for external users on video conferencing systems and Webex Teams apps.

When these external users are in the lobby, the hosts can see them and decide to admit those users using their apps as usual.

How are Users on Video Conferencing Systems and Webex Teams Apps Considered Internal / Signed-in?

1. Webex Rooms devices that are registered to Webex in your Cisco Webex Control Hub instance.

2. SIP video conferencing systems from your organization where you have verified your SIP video address domain name in Control Hub.

3. Webex Teams app users who are entitled to Webex Meetings or Webex Enterprise Edition for the site where they are trying to join a meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I have cloud-registered Webex Rooms devices. Will they be affected?

No. Since they are already registered under your Control Hub instance, they will continue joining meetings without any delay.

2. I have SIP video conferencing systems. What will happen to those?

If you have already completed domain verification in Control Hub and enabled mutual TLS authentication at your SIP edge, they will also join meetings without waiting in the lobby. If you have not done so already, verify your domain and configure your Cisco Expressway for mutual TLS authentication.

3. Why do I need to do domain verification for SIP video conferencing systems that I already own?

We don't want an unauthorized user impersonating your organization's video calling domain to bypass the meeting security measures. Imagine you own domain name, and your SIP video conferencing systems join meetings using a video address like

Now, imagine if an unauthorized user modified some data on their system and made it look like they were joining the meeting using How would you know to trust them? By enabling mutual TLS authentication at the edge, we are able to cryptographically verify that the video conferencing systems are coming from the domain that they claim to be coming from, and that the domain name they are coming from is indeed authorized to access your meetings.

4. I don't manage my Webex sites in Control Hub. Can I still take advantage of this feature with video conferencing systems?

No. Without a site being managed in Control Hub, we cannot securely identify users joining on video conferencing systems. After this change, if you have SIP video conferencing systems, they will have to be admitted by the host every time.

5. I have multiple Webex sites in Control Hub. One of my users has access to meeting services on, but NOT on Will this user be able to join a Personal Room meeting on

Yes, they can still join. However, they will be considered an external user for a meeting on Therefore, they will have to be admitted from the lobby by the meeting host.

6. Will these external users always be required to wait in the lobby?

No. It depends on the Personal Room meeting security, and only when a Personal Room meeting is unlocked.

7. What about a Personal Room meeting that is in a locked state? What happens when I unlock my meeting?

In that case, only internal / signed-in users will be automatically admitted into the meeting. External users will continue to stay in the lobby and will need to be explicitly admitted by the meeting host.

Preview Window Enhancement for Connecting Devices

Windows users can now connect to cloud-registered video devices from the Preview window when joining a meeting. Select from the Nearby devices list or search for devices in your organization to connect to. If the device is not automatically detected, users can enter the code shown on the video device.

Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events Enhancements

See the Participants' View of What You’re Sharing

In case you missed it, we mentioned in 40.6.2 how when you start sharing a screen, application, or your meeting window in Webex Meetings or Webex Events, you can now see the participants' view of what you’re sharing from the controls at the top of your screen. Hover over and click the bottom of the controls to show the view again at any time.

There’s no more second-guessing whether you’re sharing, and you’ll be confident that attendees are seeing the right content.

Additional Language Support

Webex Meetings and Webex Events will now support Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, and Czech when using the desktop app and the web app. In addition, your Webex site in Modern View will also support these four new languages.

The desktop app in-event experience on Mac will continue to support English-only at this time.

Blur or Change Your Background on Mac or Windows

In 40.6, we released virtual background blur for Mac. In this release, we are happy to announce that you can now blur or change the background of your webcam video when joining Meetings and Events from Mac and Windows. This gives you more privacy and removes distracting elements from your surroundings as you participate in video meetings.

This feature may be enabled on a different date from when you receive the 40.7 update. We will publish the exact date soon!

Cisco Webex Events Enhancements

Edit Your Name/Email Address from the Preview Window

As announced in our 40.6.2 release, now when joining a Webex meeting or Webex event, we've made it easy for guest users to change their name or email address directly from the Preview window, without having to go back to the pre-meeting window of the Webex Meetings desktop app. Just hover over your name and click to change the information.

And stay tuned because licensed users will be able to access the feature in a future release!

Cisco Webex Events, Training and Support Enhancements

Video Quality Improvements in Webex Events, Training and Support

Users will see smoother video and less of a pulsating video effect when there are users with bad network conditions in a session.

In the past, the Webex app would have generated redundant frames for all the video resolutions that are in use, rather than the resolution for which a remote participant has requested an updated frame.

This would have caused the image for the sender to flip between a grainy or blocky image and a smoother one, creating a pulsating effect on all the other receivers, even though those receives never requested an updated frame.

The behavior is now improved, so that users get a smoother video experience.

This improvement was delivered in the Meeting app as part of the WBS 40.4 update, and is now being delivered for Events, Trainings and Support apps.

Cisco Webex Meetings for Slack

Webex Meetings integrations with Slack aren’t available for FedRAMP-authorized Webex offerings.

Private Channels and 1:1 Conversations Enhancements

Slack Administrators will now be able to take advantage of the Bot-token architecture, which enhances the Webex Meetings experience in Slack private channels and 1:1 conversations. Specifically, users in private channels and 1:1 conversations will now see the following:

  • Webex real-time status notifications

  • Webex recording notifications

  • Webex short cuts

Slack Administrators must re-install the Webex integration to enable this feature.

Webex real-time notifications, recording notifications, and shortcuts are only available for private channels and not available for 1:1 conversations.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.7 for iOS and Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Easily See Participants with Their Hand Raised

Mobile hosts can now see participants who raise their hand automatically sorted at the top of the Participants list. The order of the participants will follow the order in which they raised their hand.

If you prefer, you can sort participants by name to quickly scan the list.

Mute Status Icon

A mute/unmute status icon will now show even when the control bar is hidden. This allows users to know if they're muted without having to tap for the control bar.

BETA MSFT Intune SDK Support/MDM Improvements

MSFT Intune SDK customers will now have access to a BETA native MSFT Intune SDK build through our mobile device management (MDM) community portal. For details on how to gain access to the community, refer to this article here.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.7 for iOS

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

Ability to Include Audio while Sharing High Frame Rate Video on iOS

iPad and iPhone users can now share high frame rate video content at 30 frames per second (FPS) during a meeting. They can also optionally share the audio for this video at the same time. This makes the video movement of video content that you share smoother when attending meetings from your devices. Share video content from your device or from YouTube for all of your participants to see and hear!

iPad Bluetooth Mouse Support

iPad users can now use their Bluetooth-enabled mouse during a Webex meeting.

Just hover to highlight and select.

Bluetooth Audio Icon Added to the Top Menu

In iOS, a Bluetooth icon is now at the top menu where you can easily switch between the audio on your phone speaker or your Bluetooth headset.

24-HR Scheduler Support

iOS users are now able to schedule 24-hour meetings from their in-app schedulers.

Host In-Meeting Control Improvements

Hosts using iOS mobile will now have access to the following mute, share, and lock controls while in their meeting:

  • Enable or disable mute on entry

  • Anyone can share

  • Lock or unlock for scheduled Webex meetings

Event Post-Session Survey Support

iOS attendees are now able to participate in post-session surveys after the events are completed.

iPhone Grid Support

iPhone users will now get 3x2 grid view video support on their devices for landscape mode, and 2x2 grid view on their devices for portrait mode. This will be the default experience.

There will also be an in-app toggle for users to switch back to their original experience, if they prefer it.

Guest Name/Email Edit

iOS guest and signed out users are now able to edit their name and email prior to joining the meeting. This gives users the ability to access their name and email edits without having to navigate into the in-app settings.

MDM improvements for iOS

MDM Appconfig customers on iOS are also now able to toggle on or off High FPS video share using their MDM configuration.

When Apple ID Login becomes available, iOS MDM Appconfig customers will be able to toggle on or off their Apple ID login.

Cisco Webex Meetings 40.7 for Android

See the Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App Resources for more info on the Webex Meetings mobile app.

BETA Blur or Change Your Background

Mobile Android users can now blur or change their background while participating in their meetings. This gives you more privacy and removes distracting elements from your surroundings as you participate in video meetings.


  • Cisco Webex Meetings Server (CWMS) site does not support it

Device Requirements:

  • Android OS version should not be less than 8.0 (Android O)

  • The device memory should be more than 2.5G

  • The number of CPU core should not be less than 4

  • CPU should be 64 bit

Alexa and Amazon Echo Recording Playback

Alexa and Amazon Echo users can now use voice commands to play back their Webex recordings. Click Use Voice Commands on Your Mobile Device for more details on recording playback.

Participant List View Enhancements

Previously, Android mobile participants had participant list and video disablement tied together with one setting. With this release, it will align with the desktop app behavior and only disable the participant list when the meeting host disables the participant list. We will no longer disable the video panel when the desktop app host chooses to disable their participant list.