You can make a call from many different places in Webex Teams. Just look for whenever you're working directly with one other person, like when you're messaging them directly, searching for them, looking at their contact card, or entering their name or email address into the dialpad.

Webex Teams Calls

Anyone with a Webex Teams account (on desktop, mobile, or web) can make these calls to anyone else who has a Webex Teams account, whether they're in the same organization as you or not. These are special types of calls that let you add guests to the call, share your whiteboard, and share your screens. You don't need or use their phone number; you just need to be connected to them in the app. You can call anyone with a Webex Teams account or answer calls when someone calls you like this too. After reviewing the final marketing plan shared in your one-to-one space, you can call the vendor immediately to let them know about the last-minute logo change.

Basic Calls to Phone Numbers within Organization

Your organization might set up your account so that you can call other people using their phone number (on desktop or mobile). With this set up, you can call someone in your organization or answer their calls too. Click your manager’s phone number and have a face-to-face call right over Webex Teams to let her know about the success of your marketing plan.

With this setup, you get access to more calling features (on desktop), depending on which calling option your organization chooses:

Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM)

These features are available for Mac and Windows:

If your administrator has enabled call security for your organization, you'll see at the top right of your calling window, letting you know that the call is secure.

On iOS and Android, you can also put calls on hold. You can put your calls on hold in one place and resume them from another, so you can:

  • Hold on desk phone and resume from Webex Teams for desktop or mobile.

  • Hold on Webex Teams for desktop and resume from your desk phone or Webex Teams for mobile.

  • Hold on Webex Teams for mobile and resume from your desk phone or Webex Teams for desktop.

Calling in Webex Teams (Webex Calling)share your screen, hold (available on mobile too), transfer, answer call waiting, and other advanced calling features.

Basic Phone Calls to Anyone

If your organization is using Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM) or (Webex Calling), you can also call anyone with a phone number or answer calls from anyone calling your work number. When you make these types of calls, it's just like making a regular phone call from any other phone. When it's time to make reservations for your team's celebration lunch, you can call the restaurant right from Webex Teams, too. Just go to Calls and enter the phone number.

Advanced Calls to Phone Numbers

Your company might decide that you need more calling features than we have available in Webex Teams. For example, if you work in customer service or as an administrative assistant, you probably need to be able to handle more calls or have access to more advanced features.

Your administrator can set up your account so that when you call someone from Webex Teams, another calling application (such as Cisco Jabber or the Webex Calling app) opens automatically.

When you make the call, you might get asked to verify that you want to open the other application. For example, if your company uses Jabber, you get a message like this, but the Webex Calling app automatically opens to make the call.