A Classroom is equipped with two cameras and one or more screens. The maximum number of screens depends on which type of room device you have.

The Classroom is tailored around three room modes: Local Presenter, Remote Presenter, and Discussion mode. It is easy to change the mode on-the-fly, so that it suits the type of training you are delivering.

  • Local Presenter: The presenter is in the room.

  • Remote Presenter: The presenter is calling in.

  • Discussion: For discussions between different sites with a local presenter in the room.

Classroom versus Briefing Room set-up

The Classroom set-up is more flexible than the Briefing room set-up in the number of screens and how the layout is distributed on the screens. Also, more products support Classroom.


  • Supported products: Codec Plus, Codec Pro, SX80, Room 55 Dual, Room 70, Room 70 G2, MX700, MX800, and MX800 Dual

  • You can use any number of screens that the room device supports, typically two or three. Use the video monitor settings to configure the distribution of layouts on the screens, if the default behavior does not fulfill your requirements.

Briefing room

  • Supported products: Codec Pro, SX80, Room 70 G2, MX700, MX800, and MX800 Dual

  • The set-up requires three screens, and the layouts on the screens are preconfigured (and fixed) to match that particular scenario.

Change room mode during a conference

Your administrator may or may not have set up the room to switch between the Local Presenter and Remote Presenter modes automatically. If the automatic switching is not enabled, use the Touch controller to change between room modes.

Automatic switching implies:

  • Local Presenter mode is used when a presenter is detected on the local stage.

  • Remote Presenter mode is used when no presenter is detected on the local stage.

To use the Discussion mode, you always have to choose it manually with the Touch controller.

Switch between room modes using the Touch controller

  1. Tap the Classroom button on the Touch controller.

  2. Tap the mode you want to change to: Local Presenter, Remote Presenter, or Discussion. The current mode is highlighted.