When using search, the results show the people and devices in your organization. However, you can call anyone on Webex by typing their full name or any device by typing its full SIP address. For more information on who you can call from a board, see Determine Your Cisco Webex Calling Capabilities.

The search field gets autopopulated with a recently used domain when you type a name or an address.

A directory search returns a maximum of 100 entries.


On the Home Screen, tap Call .


On the Call Screen, type the name, address, or phone number of the person you want to call. Select the contact from the drop-down list of suggestions and tap Call .

Access the keypad: During your call, tap anywhere on the screen and then tap the Keypad icon at the bottom of the screen. This is needed if you have to type a pin or a password when connecting to a SIP conference bridge or an auto-attendant phone system.

Add participants to the call: Press the Home Button and tap People . Select Invite people to this meeting and enter the name of the participant you want to add to the meeting.


When you are ready to finish your call, tap .