For Cisco Webex Board to support on-premises deployment the device, you must install the Collaboration Endpoints software version 9.8.0 (CE9.8.0) or later. You can find the latest version on .

Available Provisioning Options

You can use the same provisioning systems for Webex Boards as for other on-premises devices. Note that a Cisco Webex Board can also be deployed as a standalone H.323 / SIP device. Without registration, it functions as a local whiteboard.

  • CUCM (Minimum version 10.5 or higher)

  • TMS (Minimum version 15.9 or higher)

  • VCS (Minimum version X8.6 or higher)

You may need a CUCM device pack that provides support for Cisco Webex Board on the version you are currently running. If you are registering to TMS, you may need a new version.

What’s Supported for Webex Boards on CE Software

The Cisco Webex Board supports most of the features already available for other devices on CE9.8.0 with some exceptions. Some features are only available when pairing a Touch 10 to the Cisco Webex Board.

An on-premises registered Webex Board doesn’t have some of the features that are only available on Cisco Webex. This includes connecting with Webex Teams clients and opening Webex Teams spaces on a board.

The following on-premises features are currently not supported for Webex Boards:

  • Local layout selection

  • Minimizing remote presentation

  • Preview a local presentation in a call

  • Customized wallpaper

  • Custom text in awake state

For more detailed information on CE9.8 and on-premises registered Webex Boards, see the Release Notes for CE9 software .


Go to and download a supported software version for your Cisco Webex Board model. You need the release CE9.8.0 or later. The latest version is recommended.


If the device is Webex Registered, you must first factory reset the Webex Board. You can do this from the local web interface or on the device itself. You can read about factory reset in the Webex Boards Troubleshooting article .

Once the board is reset, it should display the Welcome screen.

If the board has not been registered to any service before, you can skip this step.


Access the boards local web interface by opening a web browser and typing in http(s)://<endpoint ip or hostname>. If no passphrase has been set, login with username admin and the default blank password.


Go to Maintenance > Software Upgrade and upload the supported software package you downloaded earlier. The board upgrades to the new software version and you will see the Welcome screen again. You can now follow the on-screen instruction to register the device in your on-premise environment or follow existing procedures as you would register any other device in your environment.

To read more about the first-time setup of an on-premises board, see the Getting Started Guide for CE software .